Tariq Bracy Commitment Adds to Notre Dame’s DB Haul

The Notre Dame recruiting class of 2018 picked up another member late Sunday when Tariq Bracy became the 18th commitment in the class for the Fighting Irish.  Bracy had long had Notre Dame as his favorite and finally pulled the trigger over the weekend.  The commitment gives Notre Dame some well timed momentum after the Irish lost two commitments last week.

Notre Dame had to restock its secondary with the recruiting class of 2018.  After adding Bracy – a 4-star CB according to 247Sports – the Irish have now secured commitments from four defensive backs.  Bracy joins Derrik Allen – the crown jewel of the defensive class  – as the only 4-star prospects in the secondary to this point.

Tariq Bracy is an All Purpose Weapon

Bracy is a versatile athlete who has also played extensively on offense.  As a senior he ran for 1,280 yards and 17 touchdowns.  This past weekend though, Bracy’s offensive skills were on display more than ever.  In the state semifinals, Bracy ripped off 311 yards on 36 carries with four touchdowns to lead Milpitas to the state final.

AS a junior Bracy was used all over the field.  He racked up 1,177 yards rushing to go with 11 touchdowns while also hauling in 52 passes for 1,036 yards and another 13 touchdowns.  For his career, Bracy has scored 67 touchdowns – 41 rushing, 19 receiving, 4 defensive (3 INTs, 1 fumble), and 3 returns (2 punt, 1 kick).

That kind of versatility will likely lead to many comparisons to Keivarae Russell who also was an all purpose offensive player and defensive back in high school.  Rivals and 247Sports both have Bracy designated as an “athlete” given his all around skillset.

Notre Dame, however, has recruited Bracy for the defensive side of the ball where he is the second cornerback in the class along with Joe Wilkins.  Over the course of his career he intercepted 14 passes including three this season as a senior all of which he returned for touchdowns.  Prior to committing to Notre Dame Bracy held offers from Utah, Boise State, Washington State, and Cal.

Notre Dame Not Done at Corner

Even with Bracy on board, look for Notre Dame to continue to aggressively recruit Houston Griffith, Kyler Gordon, and Noah Boykin.  All three corners are 4-star prospects and it’s hard to imagine any scenario in which Notre Dame wouldn’t accept a commitment from two of them if two of the remaining three wanted to jump on board.  As of now, things look very good for Notre Dame with all three too – especially Griffith and Gordon whom Notre Dame is believed to be leading for.

Griffith was committed to Florida State up until recently when he decommitted around the same time Jimbo Fisher left for Texas A&M.  Notre Dame was considered the favorite for Griffith back in the spring before he cooled on the Irish.  With Notre Dame’s bounce back season though, things look very good for the Irish here.  Griffith is an early enrollee so we should know soon if he’ll be joining Bracy in the secondary.

Gordon meanwhile visited Notre Dame for a second time this past weekend and the visit reportedly went very well.  Things look pretty good for the Irish here as well.

Should Notre Dame close out this class with six defensive backs including any of the two remaining corners, Notre Dame will have filled out this class very well.  Landing that many defensive backs could allow for from shuffling of the secondary as well.  Julian Love played some safety this year and could move there full time if Notre Dame has an influx of corners – especially if one of them is an early enrollee like Griffith.

Tariq Bracy Junior Highlights

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  2. Add Houston Griffith to the fold. With Gilman, Allen and Love, the future of the DBs is looking brighter.

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  5. Glad to hear we’re stockpiling. Little worried Tariq wasn’t on Cardinal or Trojan want list. Maybe they are already knee deep.

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