Elite RB Recruit Tirek Murphy Loving his Notre Dame Visit

Every Notre Dame fan knows that running back sits at the top of the priority list for the Irish in the class of 2020.  It’s one of the reasons that the hire of new RB coach Lance Taylor will be so critical for the future of the Notre Dame offense.  It sounds that at least for now, Notre Dame’s made a huge impression on elite RB target Tirek Murphy who is unofficially visiting this weekend.

Murphy is on campus as part of a huge Notre Dame recruiting weekend.  While on campus, he has been quite active on Twitter letting everyone know just how much he is enjoying his time on campus.  Here’s the most telling Tweet so far.

It’s not a commitment of course and hours later Murphy posted that his Top 10 schools list was coming soon to give you an indicator of where he’s at in his selection process, but Notre Dame couldn’t have asked for much more.

At 220 lbs and 6’0″ tall, Murphy would be a perfect addition as the big back Notre Dame wants in this class and would compliment a back like Chris Tyree – who is also on campus – absolutely perfectly.  If Notre Dame were to land both, they could not have asked for a better combination in this class.

Michigan is considered one of the other favorites for Murphy at the moment, but he also holds offers from LSU, Miami, Michigan State, and Texas A&M currently with a number of other elite programs interested as well.

Murphy, a New York native, seems to also have a liking for the Notre Dame Pinstripe Shamrock Series jerseys from last year as well.

Considering most Notre Dame fans weren’t the biggest fans of this uniform combo, it’s nice to see Notre Dame getting some use out of it.  Not for nothing though, but the gold helmet with the Yankees inspired uniform does kind of pop.  Maybe if they hadn’t also decided to wear the baseball style helmet in November, fans might not have been as opposed to them.

The real news here isn’t someone finally liked those jerseys from last fall.  The real news is that in the early stages of the class of 2020, it looks like Notre Dame has made a huge impression on an elite running back that they’d love to add to the class.

As for Tyree, he was back on campus for a second time unofficially and will be yet again in the summer for an official visit. Coach Taylor has done a fantastic job in a short period of time catching up to the other running backs coaches who’ve been recruiting Tyree much longer.

We’ve written quite a bit about Tyree already here, but in case you haven’t read; he’s the kind of electric back that Notre Dame sorely needs and his junior year film shows that pretty clearly.

Let’s just add both him and Murphy to this class and call it a day, shall we?  If only it were that easy.  Still a long way to go, but if Notre Dame does end up with both Murphy and Tyree, Taylor will have done on hell of a job in his first year on the job.

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  1. Speed, pops, size, reminds of Marcus Allen. Tirek will be Notre Dames first Heisman Winner since Tim Brown. Everything will go right.

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