Could Notre Dame Be About to Add a Running Back To Its Class of 2021?

Could Notre Dame finally have their running back for the class of 2021? The Irish picked up four new Crystal Ball predictions over at 247Sports for class of 2021 running back Logan Diggs late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. This came after Diggs hinted that he would have some news for people on Wednesday.

UPDATE: Since pushing this live this AM, Logan Diggs provided a little more clarity on the news he tweeted about yesterday. He will be announcing his commitment today at 4:00 PM. The 247Sports Crystal Ball is 100% in Notre Dame’s favor.

The rest of the original post from this morning is below:

Diggs posted this cryptic tweet on Tuesday afternoon.

After that tweet, four different analysts from 247 Sports placed Cyrstal Ball predictions for Diggs to land at Notre Dame, including 247’s Director of Football Recruiting, Steve Wiltfong, who tends to be more accurate than the local team reporters.

Diggs hasn’t announced a set of finalists yet, so his tweet could be nothing more than announcing what schools he is down to since most analysts have stated that Diggs has always wanted to take visits this fall.

The news could also be much bigger than that. The mayor of Notre Dame recruiting, Blake Fisher, hinted on Monday that Notre Dame was not done getting commitments this week following the pickups of Joey Tanona (OT) and Jack Nickel (TE) for the class of 2022 on Saturday and Monday. Most thought that Fisher was referring to class of 2021 tight end Mithcell Evans, but perhaps Fisher knew something the analysts didn’t.

Notre Dame has been searching for a running back for the class of 2021 since Will Shipley left the Irish at the alter after their all-in recruiting approach to the 5-star running back. They kicked the tires on some elite running backs, but even then most felt it was too little too late for it to make a difference with the top their backs.

We’ll see if Diggs tweet leads to a commitment for the Irish soon enough or if we’ll be waiting a little longer to find out who they add at running back to this year’s class.

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