Notre Dame Trending for Deion Colzie as Former Commit Announces New Commitment Date?

When Notre Dame lost Deion Colzie’s commitment in March, it was the first of a few major hits to the class of 2021 – most of which were due to the pandemic’s shut down of visits. Colzie’s decommitment wasn’t, but it was the biggest decommit for Notre Dame in years. Colzie has now set a new commitment data and it looks like the Irish are very much in the mix to regain his pledge.

Colzie announced on Twitter Thursday night that he will be committing somewhere on September 28 – two weeks from Monday. Since then, two different Rivals reporters have changed their Future Cast predictions and placed them in Notre Dame’s favor.

For the last few months following his decommitment from Notre Dame, it was widely assumed that Georgia was the team to beat for Colzie’s commitment the second time around. Up until yesterday, all of the Future Cast picks on Rivals and the Crystal Ball predictions on 247 Sports were placed on Georgia.

Yesterday, however, Mike Singer of Blue & Gold Illustrated and Zach Berry of the Rebel Grove (an Ole Miss Rivals site) switched their Future Casts from Georgia to Notre Dame.

Over at 247Sports, Irish Illustrated’s Tom Loy has hinted on Twitter that he is about to the do the same with his Crystal Ball.

Mason Plummer of Rivals also tweeted that Notre Dame very well could end up with commitments from Colzie and Jayden Thomas by the end of September.

Whoa. Talk about a turn of events. Most felt that Notre Dame’s chances with Colzie after his decommitment were remote. A little over two weeks out from Colzie’s new commitment date, however, it appears as though things are trending in Notre Dame’s favor.

Securing Colzie’s commitment once again would be a massive win for the Notre Dame coaching staff. A win that really couldn’t be overstated. At the time of his decommitment, I noted that Notre Dame has lost a commitment from a player from the South and regained it again, but that example was Stephon Tuitt almost a decade ago.

Colzie now ranks as the #84 player in the 247Sports Composite rankings – down slightly from where he was in March, but it would still be another top 100 commitment for the Irish. He was #46 overall in March and has been ranked as high as #41 in their composite rankings.

If Notre Dame were to add both Colzie and Thomas this month, in addition to Lorenzo Styles, I can’t think of a better wide receiver trio in any single Notre Dame class since we started this website in 1997.

Now, a lot still has to happen of course and for now the only indicators that we have that Notre Dame is in prime position is a few Future Casts picks, but the folks at Rivals don’t flip those picks this close to a commitment unless they are very confident.

If Notre Dame ends up pulling this one off, it’ll one of the bigger wins for Brian Kelly and his staff in a very long time.

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  1. Is he coming to ND (potentially) because Georgia just added another WR and there is no room for him with the Bulldogs?

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