Notre Dame WR Roby Toma High School Highlights

Notre Dame added an 18th recruit to the class of 2009 on Thursday – wide receiver Robby Toma.  Toma, a 3 star wide receiver on Scout, is the high school teammate of uber recruit Manti Te’o.  He had previously been committed to UCLA, but reconsidered his decision when Te’o decided to attend Notre Dame on Wednesday.

Roby is a smaller wide receiver with a pretty good initial burst.  He doesn’t have blazing speed to get behind a defense, but he is very good coming off the line and in and out of his cuts in a Wes Welker mold.

He will join Shaquelle Evans at the wide receiver position in this class.  Here’s a highlight from his senior season.

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  1. Fast forward to the 2:10 mark. That’s where Te’o congratulates Toma after a TD reception. Man oh man, Te’o is just one massive dude.

  2. up until that first loss it should always be 12-0 or bust, i cant wait for nd to get back out on the field and woop up on some nevada punks

  3. 5 TOUCHDOWNS A GAME!!!! lets not go nuts. i think Clausen will have a greatyear just like BQuinn broke thrue in his junior season. but the team will only go as far as their o line allows them.

  4. Well, with McCoy, Tebow and others back………A great year for Clausen to step up and get it done. 5 touch downs a game, I can live with that.

  5. sorry bleed, but 11-1 maybe. that 1 loss better be a fluke and NOT to usc. they have a new qb, lost alot of defense, and we have them at home. so we better buck the trend right there. if we are not in the bcs chatter then the season is a failure. m state lost ringer so that should be a win. michigan is, well, rebuilding still. purdue lost painter and sheets. washington and wasington st still rebuilding. bc lost raji and the other one so we can run on them now. i love navy but they are navy-win. mccoy is gone and that will help beating pitt. uconn and nevada are run teams, so those games are up to our dline and lbackers. should be wins though. so that leaves us with stanford. this is the team i am worried about, but they fit into the mold of uconn and nevada. basically, stop the run=win.

    12-0 and playing the tebow gators for the championship or BUST!

  6. With all this said, who do we lose too? Im going with only USC and maybe Pitt. We beat Michigan away and Mich st at home. 10-2 is my prediction with BCS offer.

  7. like i said on a different post, weis had to build from the basement up thanks to previous coaches. he has the foundation built now and we are ready to put up the walls and roof to protect the decorations we will be winning. i don’t think any coach has walked into a program that was so neglected and had immediate success. sarkisian will see exactly what i am talking about at washington.

  8. i agree. if theres one thing you have to give charlie credit for is he has dramitically improved the talent level at ND. we are in a position now were personel wise we can match up with the best teams in the country. hopefully this year charlie can put uis in a position to win. im thinking 10 wins should be easy

  9. Bleed,

    There is no doubt CW has proven to be a great recruiter (especially this year under duress!) but, just in case CW can’t find a way to dominate this year with all this outstanding 4 year talent, please, throw me your case of beer before you walk off the cliff with CW. If it is my brand, I might throw you a parachute.

    12-1 and in the hunt!

    Goooooooooooooo Irish!

  10. its funnt how quickly people forget players in here. no slot recievers? im pretty sure deion walker will have something to say about that. as for linebackers, yeah Te’o has great talent, bute anthony mcdonald and steve filer are two guys with huge potential who could have big years this season. not trying to knock any of our recruits but there is still alot of untapped talent waiting to play at ND.

  11. Is this like the episode of Saved by the Bell College Years when Zack will only join the frat if screech gets in?

  12. Even though its only 18 recruits I feel this class is pretty good for our needs this yr. I see ND inking 25 recruits next yr. I think Weis is a great recruiter and I think Toma and Te’o are well worth his efforts. I have been a CW fan and stood by that.

    Those great classes come full-circle this season.

  13. right now the fastest players on the team are tate and allen with 4.38’s(they may even be faster im not sure) toma looks good but hes a little small…with some time in the weight room he should improve!! he reminds me a lot of joey gatheral who had a great nd career!

  14. 4.4 40 that almost or does make him the fastest guy on the team doesn’t it? and i love what he does after he gets the ball. he seems to know where the defenders are rather than just turning and getting tackled like most of our wr’s.

  15. C- Dog- excellent point…I often wondered the same…for instance in hockey, there are some great talents that teams land in the late rounds. Same theory here…a 1 or 2 star that have all the tools to blossom into a solid player. Great post…thanks CD!

  16. seems like we are building an army of WR. Maybe the NCAA should allow teams to trade players. Then we could bring in some OL.

  17. this toma guy actually looks like he’d be a real good slot wr. This is something ND does not currently have after the loss of grimes this season.

    He looks quite elusive and shifty with good hands and quickness.

  18. Not sure where to put this post. So many on recruiting. I have said I really don’t get too excited because these kids have proven nothing. It’s all promise and that’s OK, but there are NO gaurantees.

    I have one thing to sa though. I looked at the fact that we had 17 signed recruits on the board. OK, well we could take 20 to 25 and still keep things under the limit. Weis had gotten some bad wrap in the past for not going to the limit. USC only got 18 and that’s with 2 JC transfers, so Weis is doing fine.

    BUT, has anyone looked at the numnber of unsigned recruits out there and looked at how well they are rated? Here’s what I’m getting at. Why don’t we take a second look at some guys who may show development promise and who may be hungry to achieve since they were on the bubble. These are often your character players who become your inspirational leaders. I’d be looking for a few of these right now if I was allowed as the coach.

  19. This kid has great instincts with the ball in his hands. Training can improve speed and strength, nothing can teach instinct. That HS team looks like a powerhouse, did not know football was that good in Hawaii. QB looks pretty impressive.

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