Chris Martin To Follow in Stockton’s Footsteps?

Notre Dame’s latest commitment for the class of 2010, Chris Martin, could be following in the footsteps of Notre Dame’s lone defensive line recruit from the class of 2009, Tyler Stockton.  Martin is considering transferring to the Hun School in Princeton, New Jersey so that he can enroll early at Notre Dame.  Stockton attended the Hun School and also enrolled early at Notre Dame this past Janaury.

“We are in the process of doing all the paper work and I still have to get accepted,” Martin said. “It is still very early, but if everything does follow through then I will be going out there. There is a chance that I might not be going, but that is up to my mother.”

Martin is thought to be at the very top of USC’s board for 2010 so seeing Martin transfer out of California and to the Hun School which just sent Strockton to Notre Dame with his academics in order to enroll early would be great news.  It will be a lot easier for Weis and staff to keep USC from prying Martin away from them if he is 3,000 miles away from Southern California.  Martin also won’t be surrounded by USC fans should he end up at the Hun School as he would out in California.

It’s also great to hear Martin is planning on enrolling early.  He is an elite talent at a position of need for Notre Dame and could very well contribute very early in his career.

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  1. Chris will not be attending the Hun School to graduate early. That was an assumption that was misquoted. Chris and I are considering the school purely for the academic prospects that the school has to offer!!!!

  2. This is nothing but great news if it comes true. I still have a hard time explaining to my wife why I care about a kid in grade 11 so much.

  3. I think that getting him out of Cali and out here to the Mid West would be a good a thing. Early enrollment would be good as well seeing our D-line is going to get kinda leaky next yr.

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