Training Camp ’10 – Hughes, Wood, Riddick, & Smith Videos

Here are some more videos posted on YouTube from training camp.

Cierre Wood wants the ball.  It also sounds like Wood is being prepared for a large role on special teams.


Robert Hughes sees opportunities for running backs in the spread.


Theo Riddick talks about adjusting to the faster tempo of practice under Brian Kelly.


Harrison Smith talks about leadership on the defensive side of the ball.


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  1. Keep the video interviews coming! I love them, especially the coaches.

    I’m so excited about this season coming up and the next few years of Notre Dame football

  2. It’s great to hear what the players themselves have to say! They would communicate even better if they had some training in handling these interviews. They should not be thrust into the ordeal of an interview without prior orientation.

    1. All of these players are at least in their 2nd years and in Hughes and Smith’s cases, their 4th years. They’ve been coached in how to handle these situations.

    2. I was impressed with the players handling of these interviews. They were well spoken and even polite (i.e. Riddick answering the same question twice).

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