Training Camp ’10 – Shembo, Walls, Martin, & Slaughter Videos

Here are some more videos posted on YouTube from training camp this time featuring freshman Prince Shembo, senior Darrin Walls, junior Jamoris Slaughter, and defensive backs coach Chuck Martin.

Shembo wants to be like Manti Te’o.


Walls talks about the new Irish defense.


Slaughter talks about the competition at safety.


Martin talks about the depth issues in the secondary.


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  1. They had a training table under Leahy, too. But I think it was set up differently. I hear this mistake from ND fans, too. It’s not just ESPN sports writers. They’re effusive in their praise of Kelly and how he’s handling the program. It’s a welcomed change.

  2. Here’s another ESPN blunder. Small, but shows lack of research. Brian Bennet in an article, ” 5 things to watch at ND…..” Stated that ND for the first time is going to have a team only training table. Sorry, but back in the 1980’s they had training table in the second floor of South Dining hall. Training table only existed during football season, but during the season, players did eat exclusively dinners provided to support maintaining their bodies during the season.

    When the facts are often incorrect, it makes any story suspect.

  3. Thanks for posting these. Shembo sounds like he’s several years older than he really is.

    I like Martin’s responses about playing time. Hearing that these Irish players are all being conditioned to play every game is a step in the right direction. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it didn’t seem like Weis & staff didn’t care much about the non-starters. It sounds to me like this staff is building depth at ND. Good. Maybe Kelly won’t have to start ten new players on defense like he had to do last year at Cincy!

  4. Sure, but only if the D line can control the run and put a bit of pressure on the opposing QB. It will come down to line play just like the last few years when the lines have been awful like nd’s record!

  5. Just watched an interview with Rudolph on and all I can say is that kid is HUGE. His arms have gotten bigger and he looks like he is going to be tought to bring down.

    As I watch these kids being interviewed, I sense a quiet confidence in them. They are buying what Kelly is selling and it is going to be quite a year in South Bend.

    1. Cav,
      What a difference a year makes!
      Rudolph not only looks bigger, he seems faster and smoother running his routes.
      He looks 7 ft tall in helmet and pads. The guy is a beast!
      He also seems more relaxed and more mature.
      I would line him up on defense agianst extra points and field goal tries. With his ability to jump and reach, I’ll bet that he could block at least a few attemps this year.

      1. It’s going to be an interesting year. Not knowing what Purdue, Michigan or Michigan State really have this year, Stanford is the bell-weather game. The offense will not be as potent as last year, but may be more stout, and even with a spread have more ability to pound. How the defense stacks up to Stanford will tell the tale. Would love to see them take care of BC and Pitt, but would give up Pitt for BC. ( Not that I’d want to give up anything ). And, oh man, would love to see Kelly take out the still cheating USC.

      2. Did you hear the Kelly press conference yesterday? He said he was going to line up Rudolph in the Wildcat!!! That will be fun to see.

  6. I’m very impressed by Prince Shembo’s interview skills as a true freshman. His play on the field may be just as impressive when given the chance.

    22 more days!!

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