Notre Dame QB Tyler Buchner Excited for Ohio State, Talks Emotions Heading into Opener

Notre Dame starting quarterback Tyler Buchner is just days away from making the first start of his collegiate career under the lights at the Horseshoe in a top-5 matchup against the heavily favored Buckeyes. The first-time starter talked about his emotions heading into the game, among other topics with the media on Wednesday.

  • Buchner admitted that he’ll have some nerves on Saturday before making his first career start, but said he felt like that was normal for any human.
  • He talked about Jim Knowles’s 4-2-5 defense and how they prepared by looking at the things that Oklahoma State did last year under Knowles’s defensive guidance.
  • Wants people to see a kid that is having fun and operating at a high level on Saturday night.
  • He has never been a huge pre-game superstitious guy, but his one superstition is to not listen to music pre-game like a lot of players do.
  • Aside from a win, Buchner said that a good game from home will come down to execution.
  • When asked about how important it is to control the clock, Buchner said there are times when it will be important, but that won’t be the whole time. Buchner joked that Notre Dame won’t be coming out in the wing-t and snapping the ball with one second left on the play clock every play.
  • Mentioned Tommy Eichenberg, J.T. Tuimoloau, and Ronnie Hickman as Ohio State’s best defenders when asked,
  • The best advice that Buchner said he’s gotten heading into Saturday was from his dad to work hard.
  • Described CJ Shroud as one of the best quarterbacks in the country.

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  1. Kelly stayed with Book out of his own need to punch a decent season…….not to optimize the team’s performance. That standard left the building after his career’s near-death experience.
    …. A few more 9-3s, bank the coin, hello TV pundrity…..
    But then LSU called, and the Cajun jerk chicken suddenly couldn’t remember one good thing about his former employer.
    A craven, disingenuous, incompetent ladder-climbing POS……the exact politician ND beat writers (glowingly!?!) compared him to in the days following his arrival.
    With apologies to Dennis Green: He was was who you should have known he was.

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