Texas OT Produces Notre Dame – Texas Hype Video

The 2016 Notre Dame football season cannot get here soon enough, but we still have 40 stinking days until the Irish kick-off against the Longhorns.  Luckily for us Texas OT Buck Major has produced one hell of a high quality hype video for Notre Dame – Texas to get everyone get just a little more excited (and don’t worry, it’s really not too Texas sided).

First off, I don’t know what is more impressive – the production quality or the fact that Major was able find a Texas highlight from last years 38-3 shellacking at the hands of Notre Dame in 2015 season opener.  Seriously though, hats off to a heck of a production by Major.

I’ve been saying all off-season that the Texas game worries me and it looks like the Irish have the attention of at least one member of the Longhorns.  After last year’s loss to the Irish and an entire off-season to focus on Notre Dame, he likely isn’t the only one.


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