Kyren Williams Narrates Electric Notre Dame – Ohio State Hype Video

No one should need any more hype for tonight’s showdown with Ohio State, but just in case you need just a little more juice for the game, Kyren Williams delivers in this hype video. The Watch ND crew, as always, did a great job with this one and continued their mixtape theme that they’ve been doing all year long with the weekly hype videos.

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  1. Very disappointed as always when Notredame loses. It seems to me Notredame is one stud dlineman pass rusher and one explosive speed burning receiver away from winning these big games against elite playoff teams. Oh well, as Hartman said life goes on. Ps – this game was eerie similar to 2005 Bush push game. One play away.

    1. But….the only reason ND was only short just the alleged “one or two studs” this year was because, by pure luck, one of the best QBs transferred in for the season.
      Otherwise, Buchner would have been the guy….think about all the repurcussions of THAT: Maybe two losses going in… unranked team with zero confidence…..coaches panicking.
      Last night could have been UGGG. LEE.

      ND recruiting has to become relentelss, continuous, elite and successful.
      Or else this is the ceiling.

  2. Only one team can wear neon green costumes and play sound, entertaining football…and they walloped Sanders today.
    For a team with ZERO reputation for playing defense, the Ducks put on a tackling clinic today.
    So thank you for that, Ducks.

    1. Flavor Flav must have left his giant novelty clock home….because his team looks like the Not Ready For Prime Time Players.

      And as Dan Akroyd would say: Jesse, you ignorant slut!
      Palmer can’t be sucking the Bluffaloes dicks THIS hard for notihng…..he mst be on the take.

      1. Fake kick on their own 17…going for it up 35. I never thought I’d feel that the Nike-sponsored Oregon Ducks might not be bad for college football…but that changed today.
        They’ve depantsed and embarrassed a media-created monster.

        Before the game, Sanders said he LOVED being a 21-point dog. Well, now he’s surely twice as happy, down 42.

  3. And before ESPN or whoever else gets their age shtick restarted on Sam Hartman:
    The Virginia kicker is 34.
    Born in the same 1980s that cassette deck came from.

  4. Is this how the day is going to be?
    The messageboard filing up with little girl complaints about how red the stadium might be ?

    Grow a pair. LIfe’s tough.
    For those who freely decide to sell their seats for thousands of dollars, they’re giving up an important experience. It ain’t costless.
    But if it pisses YOU off so much, buy their ticket. And if enough people do the same, there won’t be ANY tOSU fans to be seen.
    Otherwise, just zip it.

  5. Notwithstanding a boombox and cassette are a pretty blunt reminder of how long its been…..
    Cassettes weren’t video, tech-addicted wizards.
    Use your prematurely arthritic thumbs to Google it.

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