Highlights: Notre Dame’s Bubble Likely Burst Against Wake Forest

Notre Dame vs. Wake Forest: The Demon Deacons battled and got a big home win over the Fighting Irish, 84-73. Olivier Sarr had a career-high 30 points and 17 rebounds, Brandon Childress scored 14 points in his last home game for Wake. John Mooney scored 24 points and snagged 17 boards for the Irish.

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  1. Disappointing, but not surprising. Even if they squeaked into the tournament somehow they would likely have been a bottom level team and would have been lucky to get out of the first round. I honestly couldn’t see them going far against a top level team.

    An overall disappointing season for the Irish. They showed flashes but they just can’t seem to play well consistently. Mooney is the only player that plays great every night. Durham was a huge disappointment for me, Gibbs and Hubbs have good games, sometimes great games, but not consistently so and I swear it seems never on the same night. Pfleuger can play good defense but sometimes he’s an absolute nonfactor with scoring, sometimes not even breaking 5 points.

    Mooney has been trying to carry the team, but one guy can’t carry all the load by himself. I was hoping Durham was going to be that 2nd guy with Gibbs being a 3rd, but it just didn’t pan out that way. And I feel bad for Mooney because he’s a great player and yet again he’s going to miss out on the big dance probably. He deserved better.

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