Brian Kelly Kicks Off Notre Dame Spring Football for 2020

Brian Kelly met with the media on Thursday to kickoff spring practice for 2020 and touched on a number of topics in the video posted here.   Here are some quick notes on some of the highpoints Kelly touched on.

  • Kelly was pleased with the execution and competitive nature of the first practice of the spring.  He mentioned that as far as first practices go, it was about as good as he could have expected.
  • He gave a full rundown of injuries which we already covered earlier today, but the main one to know of is Aaron Banks who is still 5.5 weeks away from progressing in his rehab.
  • Kelly said Kevin Austin looked strong in the first practice of the spring but was quick not to anoint him as a starter as of right now.  Kelly said that Austin has always had the talent but now he is doing all the things right on and off the field.
  • Paperwork has been submitted for Javon McKinley for a 5th year Kelly mentioned.  McKinley was practicing with the team yesterday but his return for 2020 still sounds like it’s not definite.
  • Ian Book is leading by example this year.  Kelly specifically referenced the credibility that Book gained by how he bounced back from the debacle against Michigan.
  • Kelly said that this is the first team that has established who they are and who they want to be already.
  • He didn’t seem to like when he was asked about the offensive line having to improve in 2020 and downplayed Notre Dame’s struggles running the ball in 2019.
  • Kelly also didn’t sound like the biggest fan of the new transfer rule being considered that would allow for a one-time transfer without having to sit out for a full year.
  • John McNulty’s presentation and vision for the tight end position is primarily what got him the job this off-season.  Kelly also referenced his recruiting experience from a geographic perspective as something that he liked.
  • Kerry Cooks sounds like he will be added to the staff as an analyst.
  • Notre Dame is not sure yet where Tariq Bracy will line up.  Kelly said that it is not definite that he will play the boundary position opened up by Troy Pride’s graduation.

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