Watch Brian Kelly Breakdown Kyren Williams’s Big Week 1 Touchdown

It’s not often a typical Notre Dame gets to see what it is like in the film room with Notre Dame coaches. Fans can get a small window into what film breakdowns with Brian Kelly are like with this fun breakdown of Kyren Williams‘s 26 yard touchdown on fourth down from last weekend.

Aside from being a great play simply by being a touchdown on fourth down, what made this play so great to watch was the likelihood that a year ago Notre Dame wouldn’t have made that play. The Irish were not a good team on third and fourth short in 2019.

We saw Notre Dame running backs simply run into a wall in similar situations in years past. Williams, though, saw that Duke shut down the gap the play was designed for and bounced it outside. That one run is reason enough for Notre Dame fans to be very, very excited for what we will see out of Williams over the next 10 games.

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