Hear Notre Dame Football RB Coach Lance Taylor Mic’d Up

Notre Dame RB coach and running game coordinator Lance Taylor was mic’d up at practice this week. Get an up close look at how Taylor works with the talented stable of running backs on the Irish roster including a fun drill focused on improving ball security.

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  1. In Brian Kelly’s first year at Notredame his offense was petal to the metal, aggressive, uptempo really breakneck speed. However because the offense especially the quarterbacks were turning the ball over all the time he changed at slowed down tempo, became less aggressive more conservative. I think on his last few years at Notredame in order to win a national championship and be in the playoffs he needs to go back to the type of offense we saw year 1. Play offense that way for 4 quarters you always have a chance. With a great unstoppable offense a bad defensive day still allows you to win. Look at Alabama and LSU the last 2 years. They both had 2 games each where their defense gave up over 40 poin ts an d they still won. Up to now Notredame could never do that.

    1. I don’t remember it ever being ‘breakneck speed’. Not even close.
      Just sloppy and disorganized and ineffective.

      This is evidence of how the passage of time allows for the distortion of events.
      Favorably-tainted revisionism creeps in….very bad becomes pretty good…failure can even become s success.

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