Highlights from Notre Dame Football’s Saturday Practice In the Stadium

Welp, the Logan Diggs hype is not going to slow down after the latest video released by Notre Dame. The freshman back can be seen ripping off a long, tackle-breaking touchdown in the 30-second clip released on Sunday.

In addition to Diggs looking every bit as smooth as Theo Riddick (as discussed on the latest Single High podcast), we also can see:

  • A tough first-down run by Kyren Williams
  • Interceptions by KJ Wallace (#16) and Ajavon Litchfield (#4)
  • A tough grab on the sideline by Michael Mayer
  • Another tough grab for a touchdown by Mayer

It’s just 30 seconds and it’s still early in camp, but it’s football nonetheless. Only two more Sundays with Notre Dame football to go, folks.

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  1. It would be a dream come true if Notredame can just come out 1 year like Alabama,Clemson and Ohio State do every year and just totally dominate teams every week no matter who the opponent is. Those teams it seems like they score every time they have the ball and roll up 40, 50, 60,70 points every week. Also they score and play really fast with a great qb and speed burners all over the field. Maybe this is Notredames year for that Lenzy,Keys,AustinDavisMayer, colzie Watts,StylesTyree,William’s. I think the talent is there.

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