Inside Look at Marcus Freeman’s Practices at Notre Dame

There have already been a few changes to practice schedules at Notre Dame under Marcus Freeman. Each practice starts off with some sort of offense vs. defense competition with the losing side having to run a gaser. In this clip from Fighting Irish Media, we get a look at an example of one of those competitions. We also get a glimpse of Freeman settling in at practice. He joked after his first practice he didn’t know where to go because he was so used to just being with the defense, but from this clip, it looks like Notre Dame’s new head coach is settling in nicely.

Hats off on yet another awesome video from the folks at Fighting Irish Media who remain undefeated this year.

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  1. And anyway, David, Jimbo has already cashed his paycheck for 2021 (probably twice, or more, than Kelly’s 2021 check)…so why bother playing yet one more third rate bowl for the people of Texas, especially since A&M is looking at defeat number 5!
    BGC 77 82

    1. The A&M program is in very good shape.
      And the NIL system is going to be kind to them…..they have plenty of “Budddy Garritys” with money to spend on winning football.

  2. David, all we need to do, long overdue, is to put the antivaxxers on the absolute bottom rung of the triage ladder – below anyone with any other disease at all. Instant vaccines! But in our Zero responsibility, Zero accountability, Zero consequences culture, it will never happen.
    BGC 77 82

  3. Wake Forest first team to get stood up…A&M out.

    I’ve been watching the bowls so far because I figure the whole bowl scheme will all soon be abandoned.
    Money says so.

    But it might now turn out that these pre-New Year match-ups will be the only ones that get played.

    1. Playoff policy on Covid….ie. forfeits…means Cincinnati’s odds of winning the NC just went up.

      I guess my certainty of ND getting slaughtered in a playoff was presumptuous.
      I presumed an opponent.

      1. Sooner than that (but not soon enough), you and all your brain diseased ilk will be gone, taking your pathetic political pathogen with you.

      2. Sell T-shirts. Something that goes well with a red hat.
        Maybe donate the proceeds to your favorite grifter’s fake charity.

      3. I’m just glad I survived net neutrality. Don’t we only have 10 years left anyway due to climate change?

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