Notre Dame to Offer Additional 5000 Season Tickets in 2007

( – Notre Dame announced Thursday that they would be selling an additional 5000 season tickets for the 2007 season, the first time they have offered season tickets in over 30 years.  The revenue from the additional tickets will be used to fund a $40 million preservation project to Notre Dame Stadium.

The additional tickets will be sold to alumni and those in the Notre Dame community before the general public.  According to Associated Press, the Notre Dame ticket office had received 750 requests to be placed on the waiting list for these additional tickets as of early this afternoon.

In January, those who have requested to be placed on the wait list (and paid a $50 fee) will be entered into a drawing to win up to six tickets per home game.  Those who win the lottery will have to pay a $2,000 seat fee per seat along the sidelines, $1,500 per seat in the corners, and $1,250 per seat in the end zones.

According to a web site set up by the University (link):

“All Notre Dame alumni, parents, and friends are invited to participate in the ticket lottery as special contributors as outlined in the 2007 Football Ticket Lottery Guidelines. Special contributors are those individuals who support the University at the annual giving level of $1,000* or more – usually through the Sorin Society or one of the University’s other recognition societies.” (Link)

The University decided against adding luxury boxes or any corporate banners in Notre Dame Stadium (such as a jumbotron) and instead went with the addition of season tickets to fund the preservation project without having to use any endowment money.  By selling these seats, the University can fund the project without taking any money away from academic funding.

According to the AP report:

“The season tickets will come from those that have been returned over the past several years, along with a reduction in tickets distributed to visitors through the academic departments, the university relations office and the university president’s office.” (Link)

Notre Dame also announced Thursday that there will be additional tickets available to alumni through the lottery starting in 2007 as well.

For more information, please visit the University’s official site for the Stadium Preservation.

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