Walls Transfer Rumors Debunked

Darrin Walls - Notre Dame cornerbackLast week rumors circulated on the net that Darrin Walls was at a Pitt practice and was strongly considering transferring.  Well, as crazy as this may sound, those rumors are completely false according to Walls’s father, Darrin Sr.

Blue and Gold Illustrated had an exclusive interview with Walls Sr. yesterday and said that none of the stories about Jr. being at Pitt practice were true and that he wouldn’t let him transfer even if he wanted to.

Turns out the only one at Pitt’s practice was Darrin Sr. – something he has done many times over the last few years as he tries to get into the coaching profession.

“I go to practice there like 3 or 4 times a year,” the elder Walls stated. “It wasn’t an issue before. I’m close to Pitt’s coaching staff and I live about 15 minutes from there. Since I want to get into coaching, I go there to learn. I spent a week at Notre Dame for the same thing.”

The Walls family is also closely watching Notre Dame and hoping for good things for the Irish this fall for when Darrin returns next year.

“I want Notre Dame to win because I want those coaches to be there when Darrin comes back,” he revealed.

So much for Walls transferring to Pitt…

“I wouldn’t let Darrin transfer to Pitt even if he wanted to,” the father added. “I want him to graduate from Notre Dame. He’s not going anywhere and he’ll be back in January.”

Hmmm, so much for the Pitt radio guy who said it was very likely that Walls would transfer.  It’s absolutely great to hear that Walls is planning on returning to Notre Dame in the fall.

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