Irish Represented in the Herbie Awards, Lou Says We Win 10 or 11

Kirk Herbstreit released his annual “Herbies” on today and a couple Notre Dame players/coaches were mentioned.

  • “Quarterbacks — What A Difference A Year Makes” – #3 Jimmy Clausen
  • “Top True Freshmen — From High School To The Big Time” – Michael Floyd
  • “Movin’ On Up” – #2 Notre Dame
  • “Coaches Who Will Exceed Expectations” – #2 Charlie Weis

Herbie has always been pretty pro-Notre Dame on the WWL so it shouldn’t be too surprising that he has Weis as a coach who will exceed expectations and Notre Dame as a team that is “Movin’ on Up”.  It’s nice to see him list Floyd as one of the top freshmen in the country as well.

And here’s some video of Lou picking Notre Dame to win 10 or 11 games this year.  You just gotta love Lou.

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  1. Too much emphasis on X’s and O’s. Football games are won at the line of scrimmage. Watch the footwork of the offensive line. Too much pro-style stand up and wrestle. A line that comes off fast and low moves defenders. 300 pounders that can’t or won’t move their feet are useless. This season? Four wins, tops.

  2. For all the Mark May haters, yes he is a jerk. My brother played basketball against him in the New York State highschool basketball championship back in 1977. Notre Dame of Elmira .vs. Oneonta. He was a whining premodonna and ND beat Oneonta. He’s always had a one man show attitude, not team. I laugh at him.

    Let’s watch our O-line this weekend and see how things work out.

  3. bleednd82,
    Yeah, this will be an interesting year. A couple of thoughts:

    Will the Irish get flamed for having a soft schedule? I think so, even thought Ohio St. may get to the BCS Championship on a weak schedule. ( ND is nowhere near to worrying about getting that far this year )

    How many games can ND win? Well, I think regardless of what people keep harping on with talent, that yes they can win 10 this year. USC would be a miracle and not worth worrying about. But the rest should be up in the air. But I also think the Irish could as easily got 5-7.

    What’s going to cause them to win or lose? Well the most boring but the most obvious –offensive line. The D will be fine with the talent and coaching. But Aaron Taylor pointed out quite clearly last year, the problem with ND even going back to 1994. Poor offensive line coaching. Unless that is turned around then ND will not win at it’s historic level.
    But Weis’s leadership in areas other than X’s and O’s will be tested. Lou won partially because of inspiration. Since Lou’s departure, ND has not had a really inspiring win. Weis is not well liked on campus and he’ll need a few of those moments tohold on to that job.

    bleed or Frankie or anyone else, any thoughts.

    BTW, Frankie, thanks for restraining the gilleran so far this year.

  4. Michigan didnt look 2 good yestreday. Neither did Pitt. Michigan St looked decent even though they lost. I think we will beat Michigan and Pitt but that trip to East Lansing looks pretty difficult. Hmmmm this will be a very interesting season for Irish fans.

  5. I think somewhere between Lou’s crazy 11 and May’s low 6-7 so let’s say 8-9, which I think would be a great season and would put everyone on notice that with ND’s recruiting going to way it is, 2009-10 ND will in the hunt for the BCS title game.

  6. Bleed, I think Jimmy was a very good pick too. He was a iron man last year. I am shocked he was not banged up more. I bet this year he alone will make the offensive line execute better.

    This year will be good, how good, only time will tell. The usual ND detractors are full of themselves early as usual.

    As I predicted last year, this year would be the old weak schedule excuse for the pundit’s crystal ball. OSU comes in 1st place for a weak schedule vs ND’s.

    I hope we beat USC this year and get it over with, they are not returning that much experience on offense (4-starters)this year. I know they have plenty of talent in
    the wings. But, we all know talent alone does not always win.

    I would have to say Floyd, Rudolph, Tate, Kamara, Allen, Huges and Clausen should be a scoring machine this year.

  7. I also hate Mark May. Who did he pick AGAIN??? ANSWER USC!!! again.

    Lou, man I know you love ND and so do I but 10-11 w’s? We went 3-9 last year. That would be great dont get me wrong but more like 7-8 wins maybe 9.

    I do like the Mike Floyd pick but also since Ragone is gone maybe include Rudolph? I think JC was a good pick. His stats are on par with Quinns his first year. Cant go wrong with JC.

  8. I hate Mark May. He is so smug. I just don’t understand how a journalist can be so openly biased against a team. Of course that idiot lowballs us at 6 wins. I seriously cannot stand the guy. I love Lou but the freaking LAUGH at him. I wish he wasnt such a great guy and finally tell both those losers that he forgets more knowledge about football than they will ever know.Whew I feel better

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