Harbaugh Snubbed Clausen After the Game?

After yesterday’s 28-21 win over Stanford, Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen went over to shake hands with Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh.  Clausen extended his hand to Harbaugh and said “Good game, coach” but Harbaugh says he didn’t see him.

Here’s what Clausen had to say about the issue.

Q. Coach Harbaugh said he didn’t see you afterwards on the field.
JIMMY CLAUSEN: You know, to be honest, after the little melee was going on, I went up to him, stuck my hand out, just said, Good game, coach. You know, he obviously didn’t want to talk to me, so…

Q. Were you surprised that happened?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Yeah, I was actually. He’s a great guy, a great coach. He recruited me a little bit. I was just going up to him, you know, trying to have good sportsmanship, say good game. He obviously either didn’t see me or didn’t want to talk to me.

Q. There’s no doubt he didn’t see you? He said he didn’t see you after the game. There’s no doubt in your mind he saw you?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: He either saw me or didn’t see me.

Q. Maybe he doesn’t recognize you.
JIMMY CLAUSEN: I guess not (laughter). Yeah, the new haircut got him, I guess.

Q. You were right in his path, though, right?
JIMMY CLAUSEN: Like I said, I just put my hand out there and said, Good game, coach. He either didn’t see me or didn’t want to talk to me.

And here is Harbaugh’s explanation for what happened.

Q. Did you see Jimmy when he came over to shake your hand? You ran by Jimmy Clausen. Did you see him or not?
COACH HARBAUGH: No. There was a lot going on. I was right in that big pileup. I was just trying to separate the players at that point, get our guys into the tunnel. That was my objective. A lot of people were right there. He might have been one of them. There was a lot of stuff going on, a lot of taunting, a lot of chatter back and forth. My main objective was getting our players off the field.

I’ll let you all draw your own conclusions for what actualy transpired at the end of the game, but I will say that Harbaugh is not going to makie many friends within the Notre Dame community with his sidelne antics and post game comments.

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  1. I noticed JC try and shake hands with Harbaugh after the game, it appeared to me that Harbaugh just didn’t notice JC with everything that was going on. Just like Harbaugh said. Suprised to see someone making an issue out of it.

  2. This is typical Jim Harbaugh, here’s a guy that even snubbed the University of Michigan on educational issues.

    Harbaugh could careless about burning bridges.

    Think also about his moronic mantra: Play football, Coach Football, Die.

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