Coverage Map Released, Get Ready for OSU-Purdue Californians

The offical coverage maps for this weekend’s ABC games have been released, and if live west of the Mississippi, you are pretty much screwed.  ABC/ESPN has decided to make the thrilling Ohio State-Purdue game their featured game for the 3:30 time slot.  Ohio State has lost it’s only game against a ranked opponent in blowout fashion and Purdue already has 3 losses this year to Oregon, Notre Dame, and Penn State.  North Carolina and Notre Dame on the other hand are both 1 loss teams with UNC in the top 25 and Notre Dame on the cusp of cracking the rankings.

Luckily I will get the Notre Dame-UNC game on ABC, but the good news for those of you who won’t be getting the game without having to shell out the $25 for ESPN’s Game Plan is that OSU/Purdue and Arizona State/USC both have some pretty good blowout potential and you may get to see at least part of the ND/UNC game.

I’ll be posting my quarter by quarter notes and thoughts as well for anyone who won’t be getting game that doesn’t want to make the trip to the local watering hole or pay for Game Plan.

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  1. Paul said, “The lower map says the state of Ohio is getting the ND game, not the OSU game. I think the colors are reversed. Someone made a mistake.”

    No mistake – that is correct.

    The lower map is what is broadcast on ESPN. The Ohio State game is already on ABC in Ohio, ESPN would not show the ESPN game as well – a little redundant. That is why the Ohio area is seeing ND.

  2. I live in Pac-10 country, and unless the Ducks are playing I could care less.

    I have Dish Network, I think they have 2 ESPN Alternate channels, this happened to me 2 years ago with the ND at MSU night game. It won’t be in high-def, but at least I should be able to watch it!

    Yay Dish Network and bless their ESPN Alternates!

  3. paul – the bottom map is for ESPN, all of Ohio should be getting purdue and OSU on ABC. each map is a different channel. everyone in ohio (with espn) would get both games.

  4. Wow!!!! Another USC screw over… They play most of their games at night, but not that night..
    At least they lost one game and the bandwagon fans in So.Calif. are still afraid to pull out the USC
    paraphernalia…… GO IRISH…….

  5. Absolutely Ridiculous. Will have to hit the bar. Wouldnt want to pay for the game, and then have the ASU @USC game switch over after USC rolls them in the first half.

  6. Off to The Shark Club I go. I would hate to spend $60 bucks to see them lose. Come on boys, Make me a happy man.

  7. The lower map says the state of Ohio is getting the ND game, not the OSU game. I think the colors are reversed. Someone made a mistake.

  8. and since I live in friggin Dallas, I get the shaft.

    I wonder if they’ll do what they did last time, where they had one game on ESPN regular, and a different one on ESPNHD. If I’m not mistaken, that’s what they did for the MSU game.

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