Butch Davis Classy in Post Game Comments

Last week Jim Harbaugh didn’t do much other than whine and complain in his post game comments following Stanford’s loss to Notre Dame.  This week Butch Davis was very classy and complimentary in his remarks towards Notre Dame.  I realize it’s easier to be gracious after a win, but Davis almost went out of his way to compliment Notre Dame.

It was two teams that fought hard and you’ve got to give Notre Dame an awful lot of credit. I know they hate coming out on the short end. It’s two programs scratching and fighting and trying to find a way to reestablish themselves as football programs.

And here’s what Davis had to say about the Notre Dame offense and Jimmy Clausen.

They came out in the no huddle offense and an empty formation. They had not really shown much of that with Jimmy Clausen in the last two years. But everybody in this room has watched Tom Brady do that all the time. It’s a credit to their coaching staff to try and change the tempo and change the pace of the ballgame. They had us reeling. It took a while to scratch some stuff on the sidelines, to tweak some coverage’s and come up with some things that our kids could actually execute and do.

It’s hard not to be impressed by what Davis has accomplished at North Carolina in a short time and it’s nice to see him give Notre Dame some credit in his post game comments instead of downplaying the success the Irish offense had moving the ball on them.

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