Will Weis Keep Calling Plays? Check Back Tuesday

Charlie Weis was asked on Sunday if he will continue to call the offensive plays this week after he served as the playcaller on Saturday for the Navy game.  Weis wasn’t ready to answer just yet though.

As a matter of fact, we just approached it about — a little bit before I came in here to say, okay, what am I going to say when I’m asked this question. And we really have not gotten a chance to iron it out.

So the whole offensive staff, I just left them a couple of minutes ago and we are in the same boat where I was last week; by Tuesday, the first thing I’ll come in and tell you is exactly where we are, because really been scrambling a little bit to get to where we are right now.

You know, we spend the morning — we spend the morning on Navy and the afternoon, we start working on Syracuse and then the little wrinkle of how the news from there, how that can potentially tweak what they do offensively and defensively, you have to try to apply that, too.
So I will start off Tuesday and tell you exactly where we are.

Playcalling, for the most part, was pretty good on Saturday.  Once Weis found out what was working, he stuck with it and the offense looked sharp.  I think the original plan was to throw the ball more, but it was clear early on that the passing game was just not working.   Obviously the offense was not moving the ball in the first half, but was the problem more the plays or the execution of those plays?  From my seat in M&T Bank Stadium, execution was more of a problem than playcalling and that is more than I could say about the offense the past couple of weeks.

I am still in favor of Weis continuing to call plays.  When he gave up those duties to focus on the entire team, I thought it was a good decision because the entire team needed his attention.  But guess what?  The defense, for as undermanned as the front seven is this year, has started to show marked improvement.  Remember how much trouble this defense had defending the option attacks of Air Force and Navy last year?  Well, the starting defense flat out shut Navy down from start to finish – well till their finish anyway.

My point being, however, that with the defense looking like it is improving in the capable hands of Corwin Brown and Jon Tenuta, maybe Weis handling play calling duties once again isn’t such a bad idea.

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  1. if you fire your coach every 3 to 4 years you are never going to be a premier team again. at least charlie is recruiting. some things take time and a little patience. if you are a true fan you would have a little understanding

  2. i have been a nd fan all my life but there are times when our fans are embarrassing. If you consider yourself a true fan then quit feeding the irish haters like espn. You should support your team no matter what. Next year it will pay off

  3. I been a irish fan for over 40 years good times and bad. But let me say this CW has to go period. We need a young smart college coach that can relate to college players. To barly beat san diego,navy.is
    sad those games should have been over in the 1st half. His team are poorly coach period they lack emotion, fire
    and the blame lays at CW feet
    fire CW the irish will never win with him

  4. Jacob ya know why our defense turned a corner?! TENUTA TENUTA TENUTA he understands emotion is the second most important thing in a college game (talent being first) which is what Weis lacks.

  5. Charlie you are the head coach , if you feel the team has a better chance of winning with you calling the plays…then call the frigging plays instead of calling a quorum to see how my egos you will bruise.

  6. I like how you mentioned the defense. The defense was simply amazing against Navy. They held Navy to a season low yardage. I don’t think the team a a whole has “turned the corner” but I think the defense did with that game.

    But, the best part of the game was that nobody used that damn car analogy (it was used all week on ESPN I swear).

  7. USC is three miles ahead of notre dame right now. No matter how hard they work down the stretch, the only way ND will win is if the USC offense lays an egg.

  8. My concern with the play calling is that Charlie has always said the best players will play. Why then not have the best play caller calling plays?

    After a 3-9 season I understand the need to make some changes, but one wouldn’t be to turn play calling over to someone who has never done it before.

    I’m wondering if Haywood will be back next year?

  9. Frank,
    I agree it’s been more execution than play calling. The only thing I think they do is abaondon the run too readily. Otherwise, it’s just blocking. Get rid of Latina now and hir Aaron Taylor. He’d have two weeks to get these guys fired up to take on USC. This group is going to get creamed by USC’s defense unless they do something drastic. Unless someone makes this line more afraid of the coach’s wrath than USC, I forsee about 50 yards rushing and 5 to 6 sacks. If that happens, it will be another Pete Carroll route with long passes and fake punts in the 4th quarter to runaway with a 56-6 rout. I hope not, but I expect it unless something drastically changes and now.

  10. I wish Charlie knew how to put a concise sentance together. It’s not that hard. I hate to pick on things like that, but it makes one wonder if his head is scrambled. A head coach is a manager and a manager has to handle a lot of disparate topics while keeping a coherent picture in his head. Charlie seems not to be able to focus on a clear concise answer.

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