Green Week Hopefully Won’t Mean Green Jerseys

Charie Weis encouraged fans to wear green to Saturday’s Syracuse game as part of NBC’s Green Week.

First of all, this Saturday I would like to encourage all fans to wear green to support the university’s Green Week initiatives. We’ll be playing the first carbon neutral game in Notre Dame stadium history. And for more information fans can look at Notre Dame’s website. So I encourage you to wear something green to the game this week.

Hopefully this announcement won’t mean that the Irish will come out in green jerseys though.  There is no reason whatsoever to wear the green jerseys this weekend.  The green jerseys should be used only for the biggest games on the biggest stages.  There is a pretty special tradition to the them and wearing them in a game against one of the worst teams in all of college football during a season in which Notre Dame is 6-4 would mock that tradition in the same way wearing them against a horrible Boston College team did in 2002.

Weis letting the team wear green jerseys on senior day in 2006 was borderline at best, but wearing them this weekend would be even worse in my opinion.  I’ll be wearing my green hoodie Saturday because I was planning on wearing it anyway in the 30 degree weather but I sincerely hope to see the Irish run out of the tunnel in navy blue.

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  1. svenghali,
    You hit a true and pertinent point. bleednd82 made one similar a few weeks back. From the band to the fans, the excitement isn’t there. I truly think the NBC contract has them thinking they need to be vanilla or politically correct. Screw that, we are the Irish. We should be an in your face crowd. I’m not saying disrespectful to the other team’s fans, but for crying out loud, it’s football and we’re gonna pump up our team in our stadium. The band should be drumming and playing often. USC plays that stupid Fight on or whatever everytime a player picks his nose. Go into any SEC or Big 12 stadium this year and the crowd noise is deafening. We used to be like that. Now all the old retired people are hanging on to their tix, ( priced $200 per ticket with yearly fees ). When ND is exciting, they can sell their tix, but in the last two years, especially, who are they going to get to go? Most of those people remember when ND was exciting so they are going to risj a heart a ttack over a 3-6 or 6-6 team that loses to crummy teams.

  2. No, that “horrible” BC team was not ranked. They were 4-3 heading into the game with losses to Miami, VT, and Pitt with impressive wins over UConn, Central Michigan, Stanford, and Navy. That game was the single biggest misuse of the green jerseys in Notre Dame history.

  3. Upon further review, I might be full of shit. However, there clearly is a difference between the band noise in the ’99 USC game and the games this year. I don’t know if it’s microphone placement, or what, but for a guy who just gets to watch tv broadcasts, it’s not nearly the same as it used to be. Maybe being at the games tells a different story.

  4. I can’t believe I just noticed this and that nobody else is up at arms, but what the hell happened to the band’s gametime participation. I was just on Hulu watching the ’99 USC game and this year’s Michigan game. I feel like someone just told me there’s no Santa for the first time. The ND experience I grew up loving has been stolen out from under us. The band used to pound drums between every play, which is half the damn reason to watch CFB in the first place. Now they might as well just play the fight song over the PA after scores. What gives? Seriously, no wonder our offense has no continuity, our crowd runs out of wind, and home games on TV are (as much as I hate to say it) boring! I’m just some west coast transcontinental subway schmuck, but some of you guys with real ties need to demand some action out of the oldest/proudest marching band in the country. UNACCEPTABLE!

  5. If they are going to play a carbon neutral game, they better tell everybody in the stadium not to breathe. Charlie better be more concerned about getting our 7th win than giving us all warm tinglies about protecting the environment.

  6. They need to bring back the dog, Clashmore Mike if they want to really wake up the echoes. And they should let him take a dump on the other team’s sideline. But only in the biggest games.

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