Samardzija Defends Weis

Former Notre Dame wide receiver and current Chicago Cubs relief pithcer told ESPN that, “Everyone just needs to take a deep breathe” in relation to Charlie Weis and where the program is.  Ironically, Samardzija also made the comparison between the past two seasons to 2003-2004 in defense of Weis.  Notre Dame improved from 2003-2004 by changing coaches.  Still, Samardzija defends Weis and says that Notre Dame will be alright and win a bunch of games next year.

Here’s the video.

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  1. @ JB: I dont know where you live man, but wherever it is, I will come there & give you 100$ if we win!! -sadly I dont have as much faith. I will be watching of course & praying, but after last week’s debacle I have officialy lost all confidence in this team.
    and Castine,rob g, & matt c: I don’t consider myself a CW “hater” (just yet) I am definately down on him big-time! but, to be honest I am encouraged by his recruiting & as long as Latina is gone I’m willing to give CW a shot in 2009. If for no other reason than, if not charlie, than who?? (cuz I dont think urbans coming here)

  2. Amen on keeping CW. While I do believe some changes need to be made with the coaching staff,the wins will come once
    these younger players gain experience.

  3. Finally, a post where 90% of the Notre Dame fans are not hyperventilating and bashing Charlie Wies.

    Out of 32 TDs scored this season, players with at least a year left have scored 30, and players with 2 or more years left have scored 27. Add John Goodman, Deion Walker, and Cierre Wood and Shaquelle Evans (if they are not scared off by the haters), and I would say that things are looking good for next year.

    If the administration does not go irrational and fire Charlie, I would guess that he is going to make a change with Latina. I think it is pretty clear to everyone that the offensive line is the problem and it is not because they do not have the bodies. It would be a shame if Charlie is not given a chance to coach next year, because whoever gets the chance to coach is finally going to have the cupboards nearly full.

    Go Irish, and please ask the haters you know to back Charlie for one more year. I can almost guarantee that they will be glad that they did at the end of next year.

  4. frank,

    1. we always knew that you and your crew at unhnd had it in you to step up to the plate and bash, right back in their faces, those hansenites bashing charlie weis and his staff and nd’s 2008 football team and spreading these completely baseless and fraudulunt rumours that charlie and his staff are in any danger of being fired, that any significant portion of notre dame fans or students have turned on charlie and his staff, and that the members of notre dame’s fine 2008 football team are not motivated.
    2. in 2005, you authored and printed the immortal “The good, the bad, and the espn.” which eviscerated the power of some con artists at the espn who were out to murder the notre dame football program.
    3. that immortal article worked so well that you found this video of the great jeff samardziya setting the record and the facts straight at, of all places, the espn.
    4.charlie and his staff and the members of notre dame’s fine 2008 football team will be practising, at an undisclosed location in the san fernando valley, before the usc game at the mausoleum.
    5. with notre dame’s extremely talented mainly freshmen and sophomores real student athletes facing a bunch of full time 4th and 5th year athletes from usc, logically speaking, should they be able to defeat the usc team in 2008? no.
    6. but can they pull off the upset? they certainly can. just ask the 2007 stanford team that did exactly that and the 2008 oregon state team the defeated this same team of full time usc athletes in 2008.
    congratulations and welcome back to the real fight,

    robert thomas patrick gilleran

  5. I think the one thing to remember is this: Coach Weis, while certainly driving us all nuts right now, is getting the talent needed to win. He’s not yet winning on the field, but he will. With another top-ten recruiting class, Weis will win.

    I do not agree with Frankie V’s statement that Samardja won “only” because ND changed coaches. Samardja and Quinn won because they had Weis with them — and because they were older, wiser, stronger and more prepared when they were juniors and seniors than when they were freshmen and sophomores. The problem Weis inherited was that there was a talent gap between Quinn/Samardja’s class and the seniors that are at ND now. Ty didn’t get enough high-quality talent in his recruiting classes. It appears, anyway, that Charlie is getting the talent.

    So, I still think that we need another full season with Charlie Weis. If we’re getting beaten up next season, I will be sold on the need for a change. I just don’t think we’re there yet. And, yes, I am more than slightly disturbed that we lost to ‘Cuse, but we need to be patient. This crop of sophomores and freshmen will carry us some day.

  6. If ND brings their A+ game of the year, Yes, they can win.

    With Clausen in warm weather coupled with being in his home state, I look for him to have a good game. I think he is motivated to make a statement.

  7. JB,

    I don’t feel that Notre Dame will beat USC like you do but I do believe that they will make it a close game.

    I think the players will be giving 110%. People are doubting their coach. People are doubting their hears. Notre Dame is going to come out like they’ve got something to prove.

    I say that its a one score game at the half. Then USC pull away to win by about three scores.

  8. I’m guessing that I’m the only one in the country that will predict this but Notre Dame is going to beat USC. I could give you a whole bunch of reasons but have you ever seen the movie “The Perfect Storm”?

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