Haywood Moving Back to the Sidelines

Offensive Coordinator Mike Haywood will be moving from the booth and down to the sidelines for Saturday’s USC game according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Offensive coordinator Mike Haywood is going to be on the sidelines for the first time this season when Notre Dame plays USC.

Haywood’s move from the booth to the sideline is an acknowledgement that the Irish need to get emotionally charged up.

Notre Dame appeared lifeless against Syracuse at certain times last week in a 24-23 loss to the Orange.

Charlie Weis admitted that Haywood gives the team a jolt when he can interact with them coming off the field.

“We have to play with more emotion,” Haywood said. “It didn’t seem like we played with enough passion.”

With Haywood no longer calling the plays, it makes little sense for him to be up in the booth so I guess this makes sense.  How much affect it will have I am unsure of.  Can one coach moving from the booth to the sidelines have that much of an emotional affect?  Possibly, but it is going to take a lot more than Haywood on the sidelines for the Notre Dame offense to get back on track against a defense as talented as USC’s.

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  1. come on everyone, we owe these girls more than one!!! they’v been push’n us around for the better part of this decade! i say let heywood on the side lines, the rocket, coach Lou, St. Peter himself! whatever it takes! lets take it 2 them!


  2. Well, like Syracuse, this is ND’s real Bowl.

    I don’t have a choice. I have to support our team.

    Goooooooooooooooo! Irish!

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