Corwin Brown a Candidate for Eastern Michigan

According to the Detroit News, Notre Dame defensive coordinator Corwin Brown is one of the leading candidates for the vacant head coaching position at Eastern Michigan.

Lions quarterbacks coach Scot Loefler , a former Michigan assistant coach; Notre Dame defensive coordinator Corwin Brown and Iowa receivers coach Erik Campbell are believed to be the leading candidates.

It makes sense that Eastern Michigan would consider Brown considering his ties to the area and the success he’s had at Notre Dame.  With limited depth and talent in the front seven over the past two seasons, Brown took a defense which had trouble stopping anyone and turned them into a respectable unit which has kept the Irish in games this year.  Even on Saturday night against the high powered USC offense, the defense played tough and kept the Irish in the game as long as they could.

Of all of the assistants on the Notre Dame staff, Brown is by far my favorite.  Watch any press conference video of Brown and you will see a coach with a great deal of pride and a great deal of love for the university.  When you consider that Corwin is a Michigan alum, it makes the pride and love he shows for Notre Dame even more impressive.  Brown is also the most emotional on the sidelines and it rubs off on his players.  Watch a replay of the Robert Blanton interception last night and you’d have a hard time deciding who was more pumped up about it – the players or Brown.

It’s only a matter of time before he is made a head coach somewhere because of his personality and recruiting prowress so this shouldn’t be shocking news, but at the same time I was hoping we get at least another year or two with him at Notre Dame.

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  1. bleednd82,
    I know you know that this isn’t the real Bob Gilleran. Someone is either trying to lighten the mood or is rubbing salt in this season’s wound. The real Bob G is a sick or deceased person. His posts were an abomination to the character and quality of ND fans and frankly were an embarassment. I hope the real Bob G has found peace with the Creator, but never again posts to an ND site.

  2. The bar seems like a safe place, pass the beer!

    It’s got to be better than all the neophobic finger pointing going on.

    WOW, we will have to wait a week, we may all be in the hospital by then, due to endless debate
    syndrome. Does’t Big Pharma have a pill for that too?

  3. I can see it all now…Mike Haywood leaves so Charlie HAS to call the plays and then Corwin leaves so Charlie can hire Romeo Crennel as defensive coordinator. Then life will be grand! Bartender! Right here!

  4. JC,

    BoB G is a nut job. I remember this guy from 2-3 years ago posting and people asked him to stop because he made maybe 1. bulleted point out of 17 even matter to what was being talked about. Also, as I recall someone from got involved and got him to leave. I dont recall how but they got him to go.

    To the post:
    No, I dont want Corwin to leave. He is one our best assistant coach on the staff and he has passion. I think the D plays with it but our offense has no clue what “passion” is. Keep Corwin ND.

  5. 1. i love how this guy numbers everything.

    2. He thinks it makes his argument more valid.

    3. Why does one nutbag constantly refer to himself as “We”

    4. Or perhaps he has a friend who agrees with everthing he says.

    5. Statistically speaking, he is more likely to get struck by lightning then find someone who agrees with him.

    6. Either way, this guy is as pathetic as notre dame football has been this season (with the exception of the defense in the second half of the season).

  6. 1. if corwin, or anyone else does leave notre dame, it will be because of the vicious, toxic environment created in the south bend area by the hansenites and their allies for corwin and his family, who live and go to school there.
    2. the intentions of the hansenite and their allies has been, as evidenced by the venomous garbage the they have written online going back many years, copies of which we have printed out and assembled for use in the civil courts against them, have been to profit from ripping off notre dame fans who cannot see through their con operations, to sell that garbage off to notre dame’s enemies and, fraudulently pass of what they write as being factually correct and representing the views of notre dame fans and the notre dame adminstration, and thus, to destroy notre dame football.
    3. after all, nothing works better at killing off any football or sports program than causing the completely false impressions of coaching instability and that notre dame’s great loyal fans will turn viciously on any coaches and student athletes who do not deliver instant national championships.
    4. well, they have all raked in a lot of money of which we will relieve them during the offseason in the civil courts during the offseason.
    6. the hasenites and their allies have also driven away from notre dame many fine recruits ans student athletes already at notre dame who would have made a real difference in the rebuilding project which charlie and his staff have put so much blood, sweat, and tears into since charlie arrived at notre dame in 2005, not for any monetary reasons, but because he really does love notre dame( although even charlie is concerned about what all of this venom is doing to his wife and young son, who is the same age as my eldest child damian).
    7. armed with the evidence that we have carefully collected and organized on the corruption in officiating and selective rules enforcement at the conference and ncaa and the evidence against the hansenites and the more than $700 million in legal and expert fees which were recently awarded to us by the us district judge in the enron civil rico cases( yes, i was the guy who figured out how the enron officers and directors, cpas, attorneys,and investment bankers were cooking their books when no one else could), we will use all of out talents and experience in economic violence in the civil courts to shove honest officiating systems down then throats of every conference and the ncaa well before the 2009 season ever begins.
    8. as for the hansenites and their allies( with the exception of those inocent notre dame students, graduates, and fans who have simply been victimized and used by the hansenites), we will just put it this way. well before the 2009 season begins, they will be stripped of all of their material possessions( we always make provisions for innocent spouses, children, and other family members of those whom we have targeted for economic extremination), their careers will be over, and they will be very far away from south bend and will never return.

    9. on the corwin front, we have already made the evidence we have collected on the 3 issues and the experts whom we hired back in 2006 available to a few select people who actually do make hiringand firing decisions in the area of football at notre dame now.
    10. with corwin and others, we will simply invite them and their families out earlier than we had planned.
    11. as for notre dame recruits and student athletes already at notre dame, we will do only what the ncca rules permit and we have read them all.
    12.unless they are so disgusted by what the hansenites and their allies have done to their children and families, charlie and his entire staff will be back at notre dame for 2009 and many future seasons.
    13. when we started out on this project, we were very angry. we did not know much about the business of college football and college sports.
    14. well, right now, although none of us has any delusions about being able to coach or recruit, we know more about college football and sports as businesses than any other people in the us, along with all of the very sordid details of the massive corruption.
    15.we would be taking on and fixing these problems in any case.
    16. however, we also have personal reasons. we have sons and daughters and some of us have grandcildren and even great grandchildren whom we would like to send to the very special place that notre dame has been in the past for their college educations.
    17. however, we simply cannot do that until these 3 cancers are removed from the notre dame environment and a few improvements are made to the current inquisition style notre dame student discipline system.

    we thank frank and his crew and everyone else who has remained loyal to notre dame during this crisis and we wish everyone of those fine people and their families and very happy christamas and holiday season,

    robert thomas patrick gilleran

  7. If we make a change and can not get a big name coach. Why not slide Corwin over to Head Coach.

    He may be a Michigan Man, however, he is an ND Man by heart.

    “If ND would have offered, I would have played for ND.”

    Corwin, considering his solid progress would only have to seek coaches for the offensive side of the ball.

    Hmm……..roll that around, Mr. emotion might be good for all right here in our backyard! I certainly would have confidence in him.

  8. Is it me, or does it seem like everyone is jumping ship? Nobody seems to want to be under Weis anymore because they’re all running away to get a coaching job anywhere else.

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