More Reports on the Weis Buyout

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette threw its own report in the buyout fray regarding the buyout for Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis stating that the number is around $12 million.

The Journal Gazette has learned from a source close to the situation that Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis’ buyout is at least $12 million.

The source said Weis is scheduled to be paid at least $2 million per year before incentives, which the fourth-year coach has not reached, according to the source. Weis agreed to the new contract in October 2005, soon after Notre Dame had a close loss to then-No. 1 USC, 34-31, in South Bend after reported NFL suitors came calling.

In the past few days there have been numerous rerports about the buyout.  The Chicago Tribune said on Wednesday that the buyout figure was between $4-5 million.  ESPN responded with a report of their own stating that the buyout was “stupifying” and around $16 million.  Yesterday, Irish Illustrated reported the number to be around $10 million.

So what have we learned about Weis’s buyout in the last week?  No one really knows what the figure is and we likely won’t ever know what the real value of the buyout is even if a change gets made.

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  1. A coach will coach and a player will play. What could CW possibly be saying to the next batch of blue chip players about the success of the ND coaching staff. If I were a blue chipper (or parent of one) and had other options and based on the current ND direction! See Ya!!!! Can’t blame em’ Mom and Dad

  2. Weis should be required to explain his inability to coach a football team. I’ve seen mediocrity but when a head coach hides his lips to call a play,35 points behind and less than two minutes to go(so the defence can’t take advantage)something is WRONG

  3. i support the irish no matter what but this program just keeps hitting new lows. I like charlie and his personality. If charlie stays they need to bring a new line coach for sure

  4. Well, first of all it’s not my decision. The AD and Father Jenkins will make the call. By design, you have to pass an annual performance appraisal to continue. (So do all the coaches) The contract does have minimum performance requirements. And that judgement again, is reserved for the powers in charge.

    Second, A week from now we will know the answer.

    Third, generally when a coach is coming back they get a vote of confidence from the AD. Not a week later.
    But, that again is the AD’s wishes. He deserves to do the evaulation on his terms not the pundit’s or fans. That is what he is hired to do.

    Lastly, I have been a Weis fan, however, John Cooper, Ohio State’s previous coach said: “In this business you always have to keep your bags packed.” Better yet a 5X5 guarantee: five feet or five seconds which ever comes first with our fickle fans.

    Think about the reality of it when a prominent Alum say’s his buyout was “loose change.” He has the wrong people upset with him. So it’s up in the air until we hear different, and Yes, he is the coach for now.

  5. Its sad, its not the ND haters that is the problem. I believe its the fan base. I am ashamed of my student body for throwing snow balls at my team. Is it a big deal no, but it shows how disrespect has set in and they dont even care. That is sad. I am for CW getting a 5th year. I am going to start calling “so called fans” haters soon.

    We have a bowl game to go to. Who do we play and how do we win is what we should be talking about. Thats it.

  6. Why is a vote of confidence needed? For you? CW is ND’s coach. A new coach would set this program back another 2-3 years. With a third consecutive excellent class coming to ND why risk the defection of many excellent recruits.

  7. it’s despicable to see how every N D hater is gushing w/ delight over thr c w con-troversy…..i hope the n d admin. brings this to a an end and has the good judgment in hiring cw’s successor

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