Kelly Addresses Michael Floyd Situation

Head coach Brian Kelly briefly talked about the off-campus incident involving star wide receiver Michael Floyd at his press conference Friday. (Photo - IconSMI)

When Brian Kelly met with the media on Friday to officially introduce the new Irish coaching staff, he also addressed the Michael Floyd situation.  While he didn’t go into much detail on the specifics of the situation, he did say that he has spoken with Floyd about the incident and reinforced making good decisions to the star wide receiver.

In case you missed it, Floyd was cited for underage drinking while home in Minnesota over winter break after allegedly getting into a scuffle with several other people.

Here’s what Kelly had to say in its entirety.

The Michael Floyd situation, I’ve got a chance to sit down with Michael. We have reinforced to him about in our program here at the University of Notre Dame that making good choices is going to be paramount to his success in this football program. So we’ve had that, as you know, there’s some things pending that I can’t get into because of the levels. As you know today, relative to discipline, it starts with the university level, then it works into the athletic department, and then it goes down to the football program. So I’ll be quite honest with you, over the past five or six years, that has in a large degree rendered the football coach really out of the process when it comes to discipline. Because they are going to get nicked on one or two before they even get to you.

But it doesn’t mean that Michael is absolved from anything. It means that those processes are going to take their course first before it gets to me. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to sit down with Michael like I did and talk about atonability, responsibility and making good choices.

It’s not clear when official word may come down on any possible University punishments at this time.

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  1. Should Michael Floyd get any less punishment than Kyle McAlarney of the ND basketball team? Kyle was expelled.

  2. Yeal, who’s these “Res-Life” guys anyway. Is this something that they havn’t done? 2 laps around the field, 10-100 yd sprints, 2-gassers, 40 up/downs; now get your butt back in there!!!!!!!!!

  3. First off, can anyone explain to me, “who and what” exaxctly is Res Life?
    Who are these people? I have visions of a bunch of 20 yr old virgin alter boys. Or a bunch of power induced, Douglass C. Nietermeyer’s, sargent at arms crazies. Is it a group of nurds who never played sports and become crazy with power over these famous atheletes? Why is their word final? Is there no appeals process? For a school that boasts openess to all views and opinions, it comes off as some sort of sick dictatorship.
    Lets remember that Mr. Floyd has been an excellent student and team player since his arrival at ND. He was NOT ARRESTED. He worked his butt off to return to the field after his injury. He has helped with recruiting.
    No DUI, no public intoxication, no assault of any kind, no weapons, no lying to athuorities, no disturbing the peace. All that was said was Underage drinking. No particulars of the incedent were disclosed. To me, it should be a non issue. I guess we will see.
    Anything other than a written warning, and I’ll start refering to the ‘Res-Life” as the gestapo.
    Now that would be a poor reflection (and a far greater crime) on what otherwise is a great University!

    1. To be frank:

      Res life is where those rather ‘plain’ looking girls go for power so that they can lord over the popular party types who never reached-out/accepted/dated them. Generally, the guys making these decisions aren’t guys at all. They’re girls on a power trip. The types who are bitter that women’s basketball doesn’t generate the same revenue as men’s. They are Title IXers who were much too lazy to actually take advantage of Title IX, because that would be conforming to society’s standards of what attractive is. Most of the ones in charge are your mid-late 20’s to early-mid 30’s women who stuck around the school trying to figure out how to fit in, but only found their niche lording power over students.

      They’re not fun to interact with, because they use the rules to exact their revenge on society’s mistreatment of them. Needless to say, when an athlete falls into their realm, it’s bad news. It should be avoided at all costs.

      1. In my day, if you screwed up you had to go to the “Dean’s” office.
        Father Flanagan was there along with your coach, and of course the Dean of Students.
        They would review your file and past history. Look at your crime and decide on a penilty that was fairly matched.
        This was part of their job. Something they got paid to do.
        Something that they were trained for and had years of experience in.
        It doesn’t sound like these Res Life people are anything more than a bunch of kids themselves. They should have no authority over the life and future of another student or athelete.

  4. He will probably get the same thing Golic and Yeatman got the first time which is a slap on the wrist. He didn’t get charged with battery. They let a guy back on the team that solicited a prostitute.

  5. I think ??????? is referencing the Fauria incident. There have been a number of players that Res life at ND has come down on really hard from relatively minor infractions.

    I’m not here to condone underage drinking, but I’ll totally admit it: When I was 20 I got a citation for underage drinking. It happens. I definitely don’t think it compares to infractions other places (Tennessee/USC) deal with on a regular basis. But at the same time, he needs to pay some sort of price for it.

    1. Pay some sort of price???

      The price that one normally pays for under age drinking is the $20 bucks that was spent for booze that eventually gets barffed up. Making a drunken fool of one’s self during an entire evening.
      And one hell of a hang-over the next day.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if young man experienced some or all of these as well as the humilliation of having it go public.
      Lesson learned.
      As it would be for the majority of young people in the same situation.

      1. I was thinking something along the lines of a fine for breaking the law. Possibly some sort of alcohol awareness class.

        That’s “some sort of price” its dependent on what the law says where he was.

  6. MF did what every one of us did at that point in our life and got pinched for it, no biggy. At least our players aren’t being charged with domestic battery and attempted murder, like they did under the watch of Lane Kiffen at UT. Like I said, he is a perfect fit for USC, bunch of no class thugs.

  7. if the morons on the student res panel kick him out of school Im done being an ND fan. How many ND kids have had a beer or two before they turned 21? This is a very minor infraction. Make him run til he pukes and let it go. I was at the 2004 ND/MSU game and saw a couple ND students being escorted out of the stadium in the 1st quarter because they were completely drunk. MF is a good kid. Let’s focus on beating down U$C!


    1. I don’t think we have to worry about them kicking him out of school. Since it’s his first offense, I wouldn’t be too concerned about it.

      1. What type of punishment do you think he will get? Any type of suspension (1 game) or would that be too harsh?

    2. Wow, that’s knee jerk reaction to that article. I have no idea where you read he would be expelled from Notre Dame because of this.

      The school will handle it, certainly this isn’t the first underage drinking charge that ND has had to deal with.

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