Oct. 13, 2012; South Bend, IN, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish linebacker Manti Te’o (5) celebrates after Notre Dame defeated the Stanford Cardinal 20-13 in overtime at Notre Dame Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE

Led by Manti Teo and the defense, Notre Dame defeated Stanford 20-13 in dramatic fashion today, with two consecutive goal line stops in overtime.  More to come.

Notre Dame notches OT win over Stanford thanks to goal-line stand

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  1. “Onward Notre Dame, South Bend to Soldiers field”

    Anyone happen to see this TV special that was produced by NFL Films and aired just before kickoff last Saturdy?

    It’s a must see for all ND fans.

    Great insight and a behind the scenes look at the ND football program.

    Not only do you get the mood of the team, but was really impressed with how close the players all are.

    You also get an inside look at coach Kelly and his assistants. Very informative.
    It’s easy to forget that there is a hell of a lot more to being the head coach of ND than “X’s & O’s”, recruiting, player development, and game planning.

    To his credit, Kelly has embraced everything that is ND.
    He does a hell of a lot more than slouch behind a desk, dressed in a Hoodie” and act like a know it all.

    If the saying is true that you get out of it, from what you put into it, Kelly and his staff are certainly getting a lot out of their time at ND.

    Plus, you gotta love a guy with the last name “Kelly” who names his daughter “Grace”!

    I hope he keeps his team focued and winning, and I hope he gets some recognition as a coach of the year canidate. He deserves it!

    1. Oh dear lord I will never forget Weis’s hoodies with cut-off sleeves, DURING GAME DAY! Ugh.

      Isn’t it great those days are long behind us?!

      GO IRISH GO!

      1. He (Weis) did help recruit Manti Teo to ND.

        If there was one great thing he did for the program that was it.

        (Bringing Robbie Toma along wasn’t bad either)

  2. Great win for the Irish! Stanford is a quality football team and the Irish beat them at the point of attack and absolutely deserved to win the game. It is apparent that this is a special group of young men, who will continue to improve as they gain more and more experience – for this is a very young team.

    ND plays yet another quality team next week in BYU. I’d like for the Irish to plan an offensive attack that takes more advantage of their quickness and speed out in open space, as well as, establishing a running attack. I think that is the key to their success on the offensive side of the ball. Oh yeah, and devising more ways to get Eifert the ball. He is, arguably, the best TE in the country.

    This team is a lot of fun to watch!

    Here come the Irish of Notre Dame!

  3. In Kelly’s first two years the players lost the games and in some cases Kelly lost them when he wouldn’t put points on the board and went for it on fourth down. Now he is taking the points because he knows his defense isn’t going to allow a lot of scoring. He’s a better coach because he has a great defense.

    As for Golson, he is so talented I don’t see how you can keep him on the bench. He just needs experience and time and you may be watching one of the top 5 quarterbacks in ND history. Just think about some of the passes he’s thrown and some of the runs he’s made…he’s tony rice with an arm!

    As for mark may. He’s an idiot …Taylor’s forward momentum was stopped twice and his elbow hit the ground before the ball crossed the plane of the goal line. If you can’t get the ball in from the half yard line TWICE by more than an inch you don’t deserve a td anyway.

    Does anyone think that Tommy Rees is the Mo Rivera of college football?

    One last comment. Our D backs play has been pretty darn good. Think of Gray and Walls they were highly thought of and pretty much stunk up the place for four years. And I agree with a comment above. Motta is an animal out there!

  4. Is it just me or is z.motta playing like Zibby out there…and the CBs are an upgrade over last season.

    1. The whistle blew when forward motion
      was stopped . That is when the game was
      over. That is when Teo and others began
      to celebrate. When it’s over , it’s over.You
      don’t have to worry about the ball carrier
      crawling over the pile.

      1. I agree. You can also see the side judge running up as he did in fact call the play dead. The whistle is in his mouth and to be honest I didn’t hear it BUT I do believ he did especially with him running up on the play like that. Doesn’t matter no more though since we got the W.

        GO IRISH!!!!

  5. Amazing, can you hear me now?

    The “I told you so” BK idealist fanboys are out in force churping, imagine that. However, the only one singing a new tune this year is indeed BK! Of course, you guys forgot to mention the part where BK decided to rebuke his old negative CEO approach in favor of being a player’s coach. So who had a new revelation they were on the wrong path to player development? Guess who? Your idol BK!

    The good news is that BK’s new dynamic approach seems to be working for now. However, 6-0 is not a National Championship nor is our offense hitting on all four cylinders yet. I promised JTRAIN I would give BK a far shot this year. I certainly have given BK props for the attitude transformation!

    To date, I do indeed like BK’s new attitude change. Everyone knows, calling out players in the media and/or name calling is definately classless with negative consequences.

    But make no mistake, this is no mea culpa here, if we don’t win atleast 10 games this year, most of us on this board will be extremely disappointed period. I know you rain dancers don’t like the truth but, this why WE ARE ND! High Expectations are the indeed the gold standard year in and year out regardless of who the Head Football Coach is. So don’t fall in love with BK and take it personal until he wins a NC, you’ll sleep better at nights.

    Here come the Irish!

    1. Ever heard the phrase, “I think thou doth protest too much.” No one has called you out and yet your spending much energy defending yourself. Is there any scenario you can imagine where you would actually admit you were wrong about something? I’m imagining not.

      1. JDH,

        I don’t feel called out personally but just want to disagree with those who feel that being holier than thou means making excuses, settling for less.

        Can’t speak for JC, with whom I’ve also crossed swords with in the past, but if we can be generous, then perhaps he wasn’t taking anything personally but was simply expressing his point of view on the matter.

        But who knows. I wont run the risk of speaking for JC.

      2. Thanks Rob,

        You can speak for me any time, I think you know me well enough.

        We are definately on the same page when it comes to ND and probably more.

        Your 12:59pm post is spot on brother! Amen, Amen and Amen!

        Here come the Irish!

    2. Amen, JC, Amen!

      The only naysayers are the Sunday-morning QBs who only speak up after the fact, when right, but shut up and disappear from this site during the game or after when proven wrong.

      Unlike you, JC, they want to say the popular thing. Screw that! Speak your mind whether it’s popular or not.

      The true naysayers want to settle for mediocrity. We need to realize that we’ve settled for excuses for too long.

      If you want to make excuses for ND football, that’s your right. Just don’t expect those of us who want to see ND great again to agree with you.


      Go Irish!

      1. If I misjudged JC’s post then JC, I apologize. Sometimes it’s difficult to see what a person is actually trying to say (and impossible to judge exactly how they’re saying it) in text only.

        Again, if I was off target on my assessment, then I am sorry.

  6. We have had our share of being screwed by the refs–how bout the “Bush Push.” I doubt Mark May had Notre Dame’s back on that one. It could have gone either way but it went OUR way this time so par for the course. I didnt like what i saw out of our QB EG today and thought they should have pulled him earlier. I was flat lining in my pals key club in Garfield Ridge after that last fumble nullified a good drive but im glad we got outta there with the win and i’ll give him credit for that TD to Eifert

    1. You can see clearly that Golson has alot of raw talent. Speed, agility, and a good arm. But he’s so young that he sometimes plays out of control. I think he will be great, in time. It has been a very strange turn of events though. Who would have thought a year ago that Tommy Rees would be so important and the best backup qb in the country? He’s a like a great relief pitcher and he’s found his niche!

      Besides Oklahoma, I’m more concerned about the physical toll and emotional toll the Stanford game caused- BYU is a pretty good football team and cannot be overlooked. This needs to be a week of healing and recharging.

      GO IRISH!

  7. While obviously Oklahoma is a great team they are beatable. I don’t expect the ND defense to give up that many points, but also don’t expect them to not give up any. QB play and rushing attack need to be better. ND might be the overall better team tho. Oklahoma defense doesn’t really scare me and landry struggles if he gets rattled earlier. Go IRish!

  8. Anytime anyone comes up with the garb age that rhe refs call games a cetain way to show favoritism is just full of it – it is always just whining. Some key things here to show ND is a serious team. The last few years they would have folded – they would not have driven down for the tying FG – especially after those killer turnovers – they would not have come back after a sack on first down and then scored a TD and certainly would not have even come close to stopping Stanford after the got 1st and gaol at the four. All these thing are differnt from the last few years – those ND would have folded and not come through – this one has – all things to take a look at – Oaklahoma really scares me though

  9. I remember all the naysayers, many who are on this sight everyday. It’s funny how a year later people are singing a different tune.

  10. Muck Fark May and the horse he rode in on. His agenda is obvious. He just can’t stand watching ND get back to national prominence. This season is only half over and a long way to go, but things are looking good.

    I have said it since BK got to SB. Give him time and he will pull a Tom Crean comeback to relevance. Remember all the naysayers just last year. Can you hear me now?


  12. WOW IS RIGHT! One of the greatest defensive units in ND history. Mark May basically just said that it was a conspiracy that they didn’t call it a Stanford TD. He said “certain things happen at certain places with certain teams”. Hahaha! Yeah, because we all know officials just loooove ND and conspire to get them Ws! hahaha

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