Shamrock Stickers: Stanford ’12

tyler eifert shamrock
Notre Dame Fighting Irish tight end Tyler Eifert (80) catches a touchdown pass as Stanford Cardinal cornerback Terrence Brown (6) defends in the fourth quarter at Notre Dame Stadium. Notre Dame won 20-13 in overtime. (Photo: Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE)

On the strength of a goal-line stand that will go down in history the Irish remained undefeated on Saturday. Notre Dame is now bowl eligible at 6-0 after their 20-13 overtime victory over Stanford. The Irish defense continued its dominating play, extending their streak of not allowing a touchdown to four games, as well as remaining the only team in the nation yet to allow a rushing touchdown this season.

The Irish overcame adversity after trailing for the first time all season, and the following players were instrumental to the teams comeback as we bring you this week’s edition of Shamrock Stickers.

Tyler Eifert

The Irish’s all-American tight-end stepped up in a big way in the late stages of the game. Eifert made an incredible game-tying touchdown catch early in the fourth quarter on a pass from Everett Golson. Eifert also made crucial plays on the Irish’s final drive of regulation, hauling in a pass on 2nd and 15 for an 11 yard gain, and then drawing a pass-interference penalty to move the chains when it looked as though the offense might stall. Eifert’s four catches for 57 yards and a touchdown were crucial to pacing the Irish offense and guiding the team to victory.

Manti Te’o

Another week, another appearance for Manti Te’o among the Irish’s top performers. Te’o led the team with 11 tackles and was the leader of an Irish defense which matched Stanford blow for blow and won in the trenches when the game was on the line. Te’o also did a brilliant job of helping to contain Stepfan Taylor, holding Stanford’s talented back to 3.6 yards per carry.

Matthias Farley

Notre Dame’s sophomore safety has done an admirable job filling the big shoes of Jamoris Slaughter. Farley had eight tackles and an interception for the Irish in their win versus Stanford. Farley returned his interception 49 yards setting up the Irish’s first points of the game on a 29 yards field goal. Additionally the North Carolina native recorded a critical tackle for a loss when Stanford was threatening inside the Notre Dame five yard line, forcing the Cardinal to kick a field goal.

Stephon Tuitt

Stephon Tuitt is simply a man amongst boys as a sophomore defensive end. Tuitt recorded seven tackles, as well as a half sack, and a critical field goal block. Tuitt was a handful all day for Stanford’s offensive line, recording two quarterback hurries. He also was stout against the run, helping to limit the damage by the Stanford offense.

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  1. ChrisJ-Agree totally with your point. I like this Rees, alot. He is cool under fire and wins. I would let him bring up my six or take point any day. Got to give credit where it’s due. Many in his position might have transfered or gone into that proverbial shell. His veracity is commendable; his loyalty is something to note.

    Two Days! Go Irish! Hooah!

    1. He is a cool cat in hot situations, but, as a starter he is easy to prepare for due to his limitations. It is good that one of limitations is not performing under extreme pressure.

      1. FXM-I see those very limitations as being a strength. Rees stays in the pocket and the line seems to actually protect him more than EG. Fortunately we have Hendrix and the future star Mr Gunner. Most coaches would give anything to have four outstanding qbs and fine gentlemen such as these.

        The Irish should begin the attack on BYU from the get go. A few plays to give those Sooners pause would be nice. Psyop the hell out of them.. As in “We are coming for you too.’

        Time for BYU! Go Irish! Hooah!

  2. Yeah, Tommy did good. But, he was bailed out by two great catches by Riddick and TJ. The ball to Riddick was to the wrong shoulder and Theo made a great adjustment to find the ball and haul it in. Jones made a sensational catch on a ball that was cleary thrown behind him. But I am not complaining.

    Golson certainly needs to work on is inner clock in holding the ball. Having said that, the fumble in the endzone and the sack on Rees in overtime were on Troy.

    1. Dave, seriously?? How can you criticize the thrown balls to Riddick or Jones? If he throws the ball over Riddick’s right shoulder, it’s probably intercepted. He put it in a place where only Riddick could make the catch. He trusted him and Riddick made the play. A job well done there from Rees throwing right in the face of an all out blitz…doesn’t get much better than that. The ball to Jones was also low, but very catchable obviously and was in a place where only he could make the catch. I like that better on first and goal there instead of trying to be perfect with the pass and possibly cause a turnover. See what I’m sayin??

      1. The ball the Theo was outstanding. The pass to TJ was clearly behind him and low. He had to make a spectacular catch and he did. Sometimes that’s required. But I think it’s a little nitpicky to criticize Tommy’s throws considering he has to come off the bench COLD, and make those throws when everything is on the line. If he’s not turning the ball over and getting it to our receivers, that’s what matters.

    2. Dave WTF! The ball thrown to Riddick was thrown to an area where only Riddick could make the catch. Same with the TD pass to TJ. Sometimes your receivers have to step up and make a difficult catch in a crucial situation.

  3. I agree with you 100%. Although, he is a great talent, he would have killed team chemistry with BK constantly kissing his ass to keep him at ND. I hope when he looks back in five years he is still married and happy with his choice. I hope it all works out and hope for the best dor him.

  4. I am just thinking…hmmmm. How much better would this defense would be with Aaron Lynch? I know, i know, I’m greedy!

    1. You know, it’s a fair question and my sanswer would be, maybe not as a good. He didn’t want to be here. Had he stayed, that feeling would have somehow been conveyed through his playing and chemistry, and I think translated into being somewhat negative. I wish Mr. Lynch well, but, his leaving opened others tthe opportunity to be play & be great.

      Go Irish

  5. I would expect TR to be able do what he has done. Yep, I will give him credit for the role he is playing but I think this should be expected from a player who has been in the system as long as he has been.

    Go ND

  6. A lot of players stepped up (too many probably to note). Rees has done very well, considering he is a former starter turned back up (never easy, esp. for a quarterback). It’s great that ND has a quarterback that can step in like Rees can, esp. this being Golson’s first year.

    You have to love how the media tried to make this a controversy earlier in the year. I think it’s great ND has a guy they can turn to in a crunch. Some people were concerned about Golson’s ego here, but I always thought it would have been far worse to leave him in a game where he is having trouble and being the cause of them losing a game. I think Kelly has done a great job of knowing when Rees is needed.

  7. I’ve been as critical of Tommy as anyone else, but I realized yesterday that the kid deserves a lot of respect and a boat load of credit for all of the amazing play that he’s given to the team. Add in all the insight and wisdom that he’s given to Golson all year and it becomes obvious that Tommy is a key figure for the Irish this year. Nobody else could have sat all game long like that (in the cold, nonetheless), come in on the drop of a hat when the starter goes down at a crucial moment of the game, and lead us to victory like he did. That’s just something that you can’t overlook! You need to make an edit, Pierce – Tommy deserves 6 Shamrock stickers, man.

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