Reports: Notre Dame Launches Academic Fraud Probe

South Bend, IN, Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE
South Bend, IN, Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE

Just a little over two weeks before the start of the 2014 season, multiple media outlets are reporting that Notre Dame has launched an academic probe into potential misconduct that could lead to disciplinary for four players on the 2014 roster.

News broke earlier today of potential academic misconduct and since then ESPN, Fox Sports, and Yahoo have all picked up the story.

There are currently not many details available other than those from “sources” and no official word has been released by the University to this point so at this time we will refrain from listing any players names and will continue to do so until official word is released.    Numerous reports have indicated, however, that four players from the current roster are involved in the investigation and that non-athletes may be involved as well.

There is also wide speculation right now about what the potential disciplinary action may be for those involved but again, until official word is released, we will refrain from adding to the rumor mill.

At this point, it would be shocking if some sort of statement from Notre Dame is not released today given the national attention this story has quickly garnered.

As more news becomes available we will continue to update this post and post our thoughts on the potential impact once that impact can be determined.



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  1. I wish The Good Doctor Holtz would come back and save Our Program…..I feel so bad for my children,whom I’ve raised to adore Notre Dame and Her history.Our Lady help us!

  2. Stanford is pretty damn successful with the same standards and without our history and facilities. No excuses..

  3. This is a tough pill to swallow but I don’t see how this reflects negatively on ND. They are the ones that were pro-active and are taking serious steps in getting to the bottom of this. They might have to vacate wins, we’ll see. I may sound self-righteous but if this were another school, the only disciplinary action might be to sit the 1st half against Alcorn State.

    BTW, wasn’t Daniels already kicked out for academic reasons?

  4. ahn2844 you have a legitimate point but the “RKG” screen was supposed to limit exposure to the problem and anomaly you so well identified.

    The Russell case is intriguing because last Spring he was “featured” and shown with a lead in the school play and discusssing his own poetry (heartfelt, albeit less than Keatsian) So Russell was not a “bad seed”
    and was not playing the football factory role. but excuses are for losers and for failures, and in the tight community of the football program
    (are there really secrets in the program???) this should have been obvious to any one who wanted to see it.

    Further Kelly has oft mentioned the kids they walk away from who don’t buy into the Notre Dame package.

    But as the old PG&E motto goes “Good enough isn’t”

    So Notre Dame has not turned a blind eye to the problem, but needs to be even more diligent, in the screening. FWIW some of these kids, Crawford, Hoge, Tillery, Sanders, are clear RKGS from what we can see.

    Oddly, I was feeling good that we only had the will Mahone incident in the off-season. What was redemptive, for us and Will, was his series of tweets and other messages on the way out. At the end of the day Will just may have been an RKG who disqualified his status while brawling while drunk. And I can not speak for you all, but that is a stone which I cannot throw.

    But we still must do better.

    1. “At the end of the day Will just may have been an RKG who disqualified his status while brawling while drunk.”

      And these four aren’t?

      Before we denigrate any of the four, let’s wait and see what academic “horror” they participated in. The past is filled with ND overreacting to athletes’ youthful errors in judgment, from having a woman in your dorm room ( heaven forbid!) to driving drunk on campus. The former was a captain of special teams and the latter was an up and coming all-American MLB.
      And there have been too many others to fill in one post.

      Either ND recruits a lot of cheaters, especially those who are stars, or something is very wrong with the academic support/performance/expectations of their athletes.

      Why are all the stars of the top teams, certainly never four in one year, never out of compliance with the academic standards of their universities?

      Also, why would top tier athletes consider ND in the future knowing how many of their stars are thrown out of school ? If this isn’t used as a recruiting tool by the Michigans, Stanfords, and other schools we compete with for elite talent, then I don’t know what would.

      Finally, isn’t this guilty until proven innocent (being dismissed from the team) process backward? Do they have to prove they didn’t do it ? And what is an adequate punishment for cheating in a class? In Ishaq’s case, his football future and millions of dollars might have just been washed down the drain. And for what?

      It’s way too early for me to jump aboard and trust this punishment fits the crime.

  5. Our recruitment standards are inherently at odds with our enforcement standards. Outcomes like this are the logical outcome. We can’t compete with Alabama and SEC “schools” for recruits, and then expect them to behave like valedictorians (or it appears we can’t).

    If you’re a chick, you don’t marry the company CEO and then expect him to be home every night for dinner.

  6. spicey, you are right, and all PRAISE AND HONOR TO THE FOLKS WHO REVEALED THE FRAUD.

    The military academies have as part of their honor code the SOLEMN OBLIGATION to report a fellow student who is cheating. It is non-trivial.

    The mafia is famous for Omerta. As Sammy the Bull Gravano revealed about the Mafia “being made” ceremony, you need to renounce God to enter the mafia.

    So Omerta is for the Godless, for the terrorist scum (the Mafia were the first terrorist organization on US soil, predating the terrorists known as the KKK)

    If you don’t like snitches, under the honor code, you ought to align yourself with gangbangers, the terrorist mafia and the terrorist KKK, and similar filth.

    If you denigrate those who turned in the cheating or alleged cheating, you are an accessory after the fact and you have no portion of Notre Dame’s honor.

    Notre Dame is not complicated. It’s very simple. God, country, Notre Dame.

    Get your values and priorities right or get gone.

      1. This is a huge hit to the defense. ND can survive without Daniels as WR depth is good but this will just kill the Defense. Whats next BK to the NFL after this season.

    1. You are always there with a cogent comment.

      That’s why Kelly was amazed at the number of freshmen that were going to be starters. Of course, he knew.

      Will think about you, BigD, at the Jersey Shore this week.

    2. You are always there with a cogent comment, Duranko.

      That’s why Kelly was amazed at the number of freshmen that were going to be starters. Of course, he knew.

      Will think about you, BigD, at the Jersey Shore this week.

    1. The South Bend Tribune said the University has been investigating the whole summer while keeping a tight lid on the investigation news getting to the media. While the integrity of the University seems tarnish. The fact that the University worked long and hard on this issue means the integrity of Notre Dame’s academic standards are as strong as ever. I really hope the message is sent to all students here.

  7. University needs to find if there is a connection among all these allegations. See if there is a certain class(es) where these students committed the academic fraud. My fear, as it was with Golson last May, was that there would be more players involved in academic misconduct. My fear came true.

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