Notre Dame Fall Camp ’14 – An Up Close Look at the DL

Notre Dame was back on the practice field Thursday for another round of two-a-days.  Today we get an up close look at all of the youngsters along the defensive line that Brian Kelly was raving about after practice on Wednesday.

Check out the latest practice video posted by WatchND below along with some notes and observations.

  • Elston singled out Sheldon Day as standing out so far, calling the junior DT the leader of the group.
  • Daniel Cage looks HUGE.  If he becomes best friends with Paul Longo, Notre Dame could have the making of a great DT.  There’s no guarantee he’ll become one, but he has all of the looks of one.
  • Elston talked about starting weak-side defensive end Andrew Trumbetti praising his work ethic and coachability as part of the reason why he’s been able to crack the starting lineup.
  • Jhonny Williams looks a lot fuller than he did in high school.  Elston said he needs to learn the defensive scheme still but that he has a lot of ability.   Williams was able to get by on athletic ability alone in high school and needs to learn to play as a member of the defensive.
  • “I would love to see a mindset built that we are going to knock the opponent on the ball every single play.  We are going to run off the football and knock them backwards.  If we are able to do that, then we have established the identity that we want.”

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  1. I don’t know if our offensive line is really good or if our defensive line is just mediocre but I keep seeing the Blue winning the line of scrimmage in this video…am I wrong?

    I am just shaking my head about the 4 players that are under investigation…are you kidding me? At Notre Dame? Don’t they know that ND is actually HARDER than the NCAA with infractions?!?!? Idiots…

  2. Brad, Jones has been drawing positive reviews especially from Sheldon Day. He seems to have warmed up to the task of being a starter. His first 14 months at ND were shaky, but he started growing up when he started playing and I think he blocked two kicks. He should be sound. He’s big enough.

  3. If this is accurate, get ’em out! F-ING LOSERS. They do this and they destroy the hopes of millions. ND doesn’t shoot itself in the foot. Both feet have been blown off.

  4. Didn’t these idiots learn ANYTHING from Golson’s dismissal and how bad it can hurt the program? Totally selfish and not what we want or need at ND. Get them the f out and keep them out. These types of players belong at Ohio State or any SEC school as they are not student-athletes.


  5. Facts have yet to emerge on this situation, but looks like “here we go, again”. The last half of a dozen years we have witnessed legal or academic violations from players including Michael Floyd, Kyle McAlarney, Everett Golson, Daniels (the 1st time), Jerian Grant, and now, four more football players, including three key starters.

    I’m sure we’ll have weeks and weeks to read all of the think pieces and social media snark related to yet another embarrassment for the university, assuming the rumors are true.

    At least as it pertains to the academic violations, my simple, gut-level reaction is: why? Is it that hard to pass a college class? Our athletic stars are not taking organic chemistry. Yes, getting high marks at an institution like ND is a challenge for even the most talented students, but is passing? Is passing without having to resort to cheating, especially when most teachers are at least considerate of the fact that football players basically have to work a full-time athletic job (and one that helps the school’s image dramatically), that difficult? I don’t remember it being so (class of 2011).

  6. Well, off topic, nice to see that our program is imploding once again, 2 weeks before the start of the season. 4 players sent packing. Nice. We should start talking curse.

  7. I haven’t read much about Jarron Jones. I saw him live in the Seniors game last year and I was impressed. I think he has the potential to be a very steady player. He’s big, he’s strong and I think his athletic ability is somewhat overlooked. Didn’t he block a field goal attempt last year? I don’t want to take anything away from Sheldon Day or Andrew Trumbetti but how about some encouragement and even some optimism around Jones?

    Go Irish!!!

  8. A lot different from “bend but don’t break” philosophy. I’m ready for it….bring the HEAT!!! Beat them up in the trenches.

    Go IRISH,

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