Notre Dame – Navy ’14 Shamrock Stickers

Notre Dame Fighting Irish quarterback Everett Golson (5) throws in the first quarter against the Navy Midshipmen at FedEx Field. (Photo: Matt Cashore - USA TODAY Sports)
Notre Dame Fighting Irish quarterback Everett Golson (5) throws in the first quarter against the Navy Midshipmen at FedEx Field. (Photo: Matt Cashore – USA TODAY Sports)

The Irish held on after squandering a big lead to defeat Navy 49-39 and move to 7-1 on the season.  After opening up a 28-7 lead and being able to do virtually whatever they wanted to do on offense the Irish struggled and allowed Navy to score 24 unanswered points to take a 31-28 lead before the Irish took control again.  Notre Dame struggled with the Midshipmen’s option attack, especially after leading-tackler Joe Schmidt went down with injury.  The Notre Dame offense bailed the defense out however, by racking up over 500 yards of total offense on root to a career day for several players.  The following players led the Irish to victory over Navy:

Everett Golson:  Quarterback Everett Golson had a huge day for the Irish becoming the first player in Notre Dame history to run and throw for three touchdowns in a game.  Golson threw for 315 yards and three touchdowns while rushing for 33 yards and three more scores.  Aside from his second quarter interception you couldn’t ask for much more out of Golson as he absolutely shredded the Navy defense.

Tarean Folston:  For the second year in a row Tarean Folston had a big game versus Navy.  The Florida native rushed for 149 yards and a touchdown on 20 carries and consistently set the Irish up with quality gains on first down.  Folston also had two receptions for 38 yards as he continues to show why he’s getting the bulk of the touches in the Irish backfield.

Ben Koyack:  Irish tight-end Ben Koyack played one of his best games of the season versus Navy.  Koyack consistently made plays on third down over the middle of the field for the Irish and was an excellent security blanket for Golson.  Koyack registered a game-high five receptions for 54 yards and a touchdown.

James Onwualu:  Playing against the Navy option meant more playing time than usual for James Onwualu and he delivered.  Onwualu showed his physicality with several big hits while being tied for the team lead in tackles for loss with two.  The tackles for loss were important to keep Navy behind schedule on offense.  The converted receiver recorded seven tackles in the victory

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  1. yeah, that too.

    “You can tell a lot about a man from the nature of his enemies.”
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

    Ron, I cherish your ridicule more than I would your approval. It will ever be thus.

  2. CJ is absolutely correct, as this is by far the fastest defense Notre Dame has ever had. ’66 was the most rugged of the post-Leahy and the best defensive coordinator Notre Dame ever had. But cj is right, and lost in the weeping and gnashing of teeth about zebras was the strangest thing
    we have EVER seen against Florida State. The Seminoles were not demonstrably faster.

    One more time, and I am confident I am in a minority, I always want a young team, because we will not have arrived until we have 3 or more 3 and out players each year. Last year it was Niklas and Tuitt. We need MORE!
    That is a trailing indicator of a great program.

    Frankly, I don’t care about “signature wins” and “impressing prognosticators” That is at least effeminate, arguably gay.

    If the Irish play football tomorrow as they did against Michigan, Stanford and Florida State they will be honoring the legacy of the men who played before them. And the loyal sons and daughters who went to Notre Dame, sat in classes with the ballplayers, prowled the dorm corridors with them, maybe had a few or several dozen beers with them, maybe were in the infirmary with them will appreciate it and esxult in the win and the style with which Notre Dame achieved it.

    That is important. May ESPN and the effeminate, metrosexual whiners take the hindmost.

  3. to shazam and JDH, show me the experts who had Auburn and Mizzou
    playing each other for the SEC championship in 2013.

    Show me the experts who had Duke opposing FSU for the ACC championship in 2013.

    it’s college football, it’s the reason we play the games.

    1. Absolutely. All the prognostications are simple guesses. I like what Rece Davis had to say last week on College Football Final. I’m paraphrasing, but he said “Anyone can use all sorts of outcomes and data to support their argument when it comes to college football.” So true.

      Who in the world knows what things will look like a week from now, let alone 5 weeks from now?

      I wonder, if we were to blow out ASU, would all of the frantic mouthbreathers out there quickly forget about the Navy score? I’m betting the answer would be affirmative.

      1. @ JDH
        Here’s hoping you get your wish and ND does blow out ASU, then forget about that score as they prepare for Northwestern. But I’m not betting on it. Another late EG drive to seal the victory will suffice for me. How much a team wins by (and who they beat) is only important on parlay cards. Didn’t hear anyone suggest the seven point home win by #1 MSU over an Arkansas team that hasn’t won a SEC game in two seasons mattered. And it shouldn’t. Just win, Irish- and this Archangel’s heart will soar like a hawk.
        As for our weak schedule, BK said:

  4. “Just because we’re paranoid doesn’t mean EVERYONE isn’t out to get us”.

    I assumed that included announcers or I just missed the sarcasm, either way I apologize for the confusion just as I will accept your apology for the petty attack over my misuse of a question mark while overlooking errors in grammar and/or spelling of those who agree with your opinions.

    1. Buckeye,
      Indeed, that comment was quite sarcastic. I was making fun of our own ND fans for sometimes being FAR too conspiratorial and complaining about, what I would consider to be, silly issues, on the periphery of football.

      While on the subject, my commentary on Freemasonry, the French Revolution etc. was indeed, a joke.

      While I can certainly agree that I was nitpicking your punctuation, I was doing do so to give you a hard time. Yes, I’ve been known to type too fast as well and forget to add a word, make a mistake etc.

      The reason why I was giving YOU a hard time though and not others on this board should be obvious by now.

      What is it that you are trying to accomplish by making comments on an ND board, when you are an OSU fan? It doesn’t seem to be objective discourse.

  5. When Navy was forced to pass at the end our true defense showed up and really
    pressured them. However, ASU would kill Navy. This will be a tough one.

  6. One of the great things about college football is you never know which team, or when a team, might catch fire and go on a run.

    Just last year Auburn started the 2013 season outside the top 25.
    None of the so called experts even had them on the radar.

    And it wasn’t until week 8 that they finally broke the top 12. (11)

    They then caught fire and progressed all the way to number #2 by week 15, ending up with a date in the national championship game.

    Or how about the 2005 Pittsburg Steelers who made the playoffs as a wildcard team, got hot, and went on to win the Division Championship, Conference Championship, and then the Superbowl.
    A true rareity in sports.
    I’m sure there were many who wrote them off by mid-season, only for them to get hot at the right time and surprise everyone.

    It’s just one of the things that makes the game so great…. Much like the blogosphere, where jumping off a bandwagon is just as easy as jumping back on one.

    1. Or how about the 2012 ND Fighting Irish, that started out the season unranked, climbed to #1 in the regular season?

      You are right on target Shazam.


    1. What you are saying here is that that Kelly should have employed more of a “finesse” type offense against Navy… rather than his… “straight at you and we’re going to beat you up physically” offense?

    2. No, the INT right before halftime is what made the game close, in addition to all the missed FGs. Furthermore, ND should be able to get 10 yards per rush vs Navy on any given year. Running the ball is absolutely the best game play vs inferior competition such as Navy. What is baffling is how Navy is able to pass so effectively vs ND every year.

  8. Agree SFR, but if we go 11-1 and don’t make the playoffs that’s cool. We can only play the schedule given us. Before the year started it looked like our schedule was murderer’s row but obviously that’s not the case. “Just win Baby” that’s all I ask!

  9. Ron,

    I agree. I was trying to be “Burgundian” in my sarcasm. Stanford is in no way a signature win. Stanford stinks this season. Barely beating them at home is not meaningful other than it’s better than a loss to them.

    Sadly, ND’s defining moment this season, assuming it wins out, will be losing to FSU. If it loses another game, however, then even that defeat is rendered largely irrelevant.

    I just don’t see a way, excepting a bizarre combination of results elsewhere, where ND makes it to the playoffs. The real question is does ND actually belong in the playoffs. Right now, I would say no. Sadly, in retrospect, ND didn’t really belong in the NC against Bama. Like ND really didn’t belong in all its BCS bowl appearances. This is not negativity or pessimism. It’s a reality borne out by results and history. I wouldn’t want to repeat that history again this post-season.

    Now, perhaps, ND turns something on and starts to dominate in all 3 phases of the game for the first time ever in BK’s tenure in S. Bend. We can only hope. But until then I remain skeptical that this team is a top 4 team.

    Hopefully we go 11-1 and see how things play out. If there’s no playoffs, then dominate in one of the other big-time bowl games and use that solidify and build on the current recruiting class for the Feb. and the next too.

    Next season, assuming EG returns, and no rash of devestating injuries all over the place happen, then all of us need to really expect to see a top 5 team no questions asked, no excuses made. Enough of having to settle for second best.


  10. The only concern I have for Notre Dame is the health of Schmidt and what his absence will mean for the ND defense. Im not sure how significant his injury is but if he misses this weeks game will Arizona st expose the true freshman who starts in his place. If ND wins out and I believe they will there chances of getting in the playoffs will be good but certainly not a lock. November will be an exciting month for college football.

      1. No big deal…

        don’t you all know he is a slow, talentless, walk on, who couldn’t possibly be an asset to the team?

      2. As it was during the Navy game, his ankle was shot by a SEAL sniper. If only SadWarrior was here to explain the op to us.

      3. “Silver wings upon his chest..
        Its Sad Warrior, America’s best

        One hundred fans will post today…
        But only the Warrior, is a Green Beret

        Trained to live off nature’s land…
        Trained in combat, hand-to-hand

        A man who posted by night and day….
        Inside the wire, and a Green Berets”


  11. Ron Burgundy,

    Don’t forget that ND beat Stanford. Now, that’s a signature win, according to some. Beating Stanford and “almost beating” FSU are according to the “we was robbed” crowd sufficient to be ranked among the top 4 teams.

    BJ doesn’t approve of this message.

    1. SFR, well maybe, but Stanford is 5 and 4 with a blow out loss over the weekend. I guess we will truly see where we stand over the remainder of this season.

  12. I would be grateful if we finished in the top 10 this year. Not trying to be negative just realistic. We have 3 very tough games left and we will be very fortunate to win out. Even if we do win out the playoff will be a long shot. There are going to be many 11-1 teams ahead of ND and yes there is still bias out there but in retrospect, I agree with the committee’s ranking. I was wrong and admit it!

  13. Bottom line we need to win out and if Florida State goes 12-0 then N.D should be in the playoffs no matter what all the N.D haters think.

  14. In the interest of being proactive I would like to
    Be the first to publicly cry, bitch and whine about
    tomorrow’s rankings. I realize we are 24 hours away but
    I am positive they will not be fair. There is ND bias
    out there you see and therefore we will not be ranked high enough.
    I mean c’mon, look at this murderers row of competition we have slayed.
    The likes of Rice, Purdue, Syracuse and Navy will strike fear into the SEC.
    And we all know there was a conspiracy against us vs FSU.
    Furthermore, how Rudy did not win an Oscar goes to show how deep the hatred runs.
    Regis was pushed out of his cozy TV gig, Lou has to sit next to Mark May
    and Joe Montana was not elected President. The bias is

    BJ approves of this message.

    1. Burgundy, I can’t stop laughing but you are right again. We really haven’t done much of anything yet. People just like to bitch about everything.

  15. Well, George, you are entitled to your opinion. And your legitimate doubt.

    For me, the fat lady has not yet sung, and there is a long way to go.

    In 2009 Navy lost to a Jim Tressel team by 31-27 in Columbus
    In 2011 Navy lost to a Steve spurrier team by 27-24 in Columbia
    This year, they were tied with Ohio State well into the fourth quarter, before losing 34-17.

    But let’s see how the Irish perform against Arizona State which plays more conventional football.

    On a peripheral note, I can not even contemplate Auburn and Oregon in the same sentence. I respect Auburn, I do not respect Oregon. They are a far cry from their 2010 and 2012 teams. I wonder how Oregon played against Washington State and Arizona this year?

    Every year in college football, the last month means something.

    The Irish have four games to play, and your non-sniffing is not on the committee.

    In the four modern championship years, ’66, ’73, ’77 and ’88, Notre Dame
    was subject to undervaluation, doubt and ridicule at this time of the year.
    Little has changed.

    Despite ESPN and projections, there is a reason that football games are played.

    I don’t know much, but I’ll be a lot less dumb about this Notre Dame team on November 30th.

  16. This win against Navy was almost as deflating at the loss against FSU. I’m glad ND is basically out of the playoff picture, as they have no business even sniffing a playoff. Just imagine what an Oregon or Auburn would do to those ankle biters from the Naval Academy who wanted to try their hands at football. Giving up 336 rushing yards, as well as allowing Navy their 4th sack of the season. Pathetic. The best part is that I doubt too many of us are all that shocked.

  17. JDH, you should know by now, my true hero, besides the real duranko and Ross Browner is Eleanor Roosevelt:

    “She afflicted the comfortable and comforted the afflicted.”

    In the United States some groups get a free pass. When I remind folks that the Cosa Nostra was the first terrorist organization on US soil, they look at me crosswise. Nevertheless Cosa Nostra was terrorist. They intimidated more people than they killed. At least the Catholic Churst showed some rare sand in stopping Catholic funerals of the Dons. They did this with Gotti. And Salvatore “Sammy the Bully” Gravano revealed that to become a “made guy” you had to renounce God. As they say, you can look it up.

    1. I have no idea what any of that has to do with anything, but then again, nor did my joke post about Freemasonry. I was simply making fun of conspiracy theorists by showing an analogy. 😉

  18. JDH, you are UNDERSTATING the Freemason problem.

    Sometime, research the construction of the Hoover Dam, then examine an aerial overview of Boulder City, Nevada. Note the triangular/rhomboid shape of the street map and the street names. The Masons are the second creepiest gathering in America, right behind Skull and Bones.

    Then ask yourself what that creepy pyramid is doing on the dollar bill (I know, JDG, you deal in Franklins, but just check out the dollar. The greatest blasphemy of the second millennium was when the United States of America blasphemously, shamelessly put “In God we Trust” on the currecncy. What a lie, and what a blasphemy of God.

    1. Well Duranko,
      I was just being facetious and making jokes with my post about Freemasonry. 🙂

      Hopefully everyone took it as such.

  19. I think BK summed it up best when he said if people thought Navy was such a powder puff team to play then put them on your schedule. I’d like to see that myself…then it will end all this blowout talk etc. A win is a win and it’s better to win sloppy than lose with style.

  20. I think this article provides some perspective. Granted, perspective is something many are not looking when hyperventilating about a poor defensive game. Why think critically when you you can just continue to rant emotionally? Nevermind that ND won the game.

    I’m on record, on this site, talking about why I don’t like playing Navy (besides the probability for injuries, no real reward for winning the game). Just last week I explained that, if you don’t BLOW THEM OUT, people lose their minds over it and extrapolate that ND must be pretenders if they don’t win by 100. The coaches are idiots; the defense sucks etc. My point could not be more proven given the nuclear reaction of those on this site.

    It’s interesting that, to the voters and the pundits, the results of this game are sort of an afterthought. College Football Final barely mentioned it. It was framed as a game where an always-tough Navy team with an always pesky triple-option hung in there with an ND defense that played poorly. But ND’s elite offense, led by a Heisman-candidate, kept scoring when it counted. In the polls, ND stayed the same for the most part.

    So all the consternation, nashing of teeth etc. is coming from ND fans and no one else. Pretty much every single year, Navy gives a top 15 team or two some fits. Because they are tough kids who run the triple-option. Say what you want about how that SHOULDN’T be, but it simply IS.

    Move the &%$ on. ND has a tough game on Saturday, away, with a banged up defense and a prolific offense. GO IRISH!

  21. That non call on the OPI on Navy in the first quarter sucked big time. What in the world was the official in the back of the endzone looking at? Navy shoved the ND player to the ground for pete’s sake. I thought Pat Ryan was back officiating this game too. Oh, and IMHO, Aaron Taylor ought to go find another job…. he sucks at doing game commentary.. both those guys sounded like they wanted Navy to win, I think Taylor was worse than Mike Mayock ever was, and Taylor is a ND grad.

    1. The official in question is obviously a Freemason. Freemasons started the French Revolution. The French Revolution an event that was very anti-Catholic.

      It’s the Freemasons who will keep ND out of the playoffs. All 12 members of the playoff committee are Freemasons, even if they say they’re not.

      Goat sacrifices and stuff.

    2. I am surprised that ND can’t find any announcers that make you guys happy? Is there a chance it might not be the announcers that are the problem?

      1. Oh Buckeye you have no idea. Don’t you realize the entire world is out to get ND. The committee, tv announcers, the internet, Ebola etc. it would be so nice if we had an entire network dedicated to ND football, something like Notre Dame football on NBC would be refreshing. Oh wait.

      2. Just because we’re paranoid doesn’t mean EVERYONE isn’t out to get us.


        a) In response to your first sentence, are you asking us whether or not you are suprised regarding announcers making “you guys” happy?

        b) Why are you here? (note the correct usage of the question mark)

      3. I suppose. I know it happens alot, but I always find it very bizarre that fans of other teams come to ND sites to stir the pot.

      4. Forgive me JDH for I have sinned, in my haste to comment on your paranoia I had the temerity to use a question mark before actually asking a question.

        I will say 3 hail Mary’s and 2 our fathers and promise not to make any more comments until the Buckeyes lose another game.

      5. @Buckeye:
        Whose “paranoia”? Show me where I have been complaining about announcers.

        The smart-ass comments about saying prayers for penance, a not so subtle dig at Catholicism, is cute. For what it’s worth, I’m not even Catholic, but nice try anyway.

        We still don’t know why you are here though. Oh wait, yes we do.

      6. “Just because Buckeye always keep hand in pocket not necessarily make him crazy…
        more than likely, he just feeling little nuts”

  22. no punt returns for touchdowns
    no kickoff returns for touchdowns
    need that special team focus

    “Any way you slice it, the field-goal unit has underwhelmed this season. Now, it’s tough to separate out a variety of factors (poor conditions and poor holds in the Stanford game come to mind), but the bottom line is that 10-of-16 is underperforming.

    Before the season and even up through the midway point of this year, senior kicker Kyle Brindza would refer to the numbers that seemed glued to his brain. He knows he missed eight field goals in 2012. He knows he missed six last season. He was trying to trim that even lower this year. But with the two misses, one of which was blocked, Saturday, Brindza has missed six field goals in 10 fewer attempts than last season.

    Brindza is still a top kicker and warrants the trust of one of the best kickers in the country, but for now, things seem unsettled with the entirety of the unit in general.” bleacher report

    the glove helped

  23. I prefer this type of win over a 50 point blowout.

    This type of loss for Navy is much more painful and takes more of a toll physically, mentally, and emotionally, to the blowout loss.

    Call me sick and twisted but when it comes to Navy, I prefer gut-wrenching, & heart-breaking.

    As far as VanGorder’s adjustments go.

    In the 4th quarter he brought some freshmen linebackers into the game to play inside and moved Jaylon Smith to the outside.

    Navy, In their 5, fourth quarter possessions… the ND defense gave up 1 TD while twice forcing Navy to turn the ball over on downs, added a key interception, and also forced a punt.

    This around a missed 46 yarder in windy conditions and a blocked 44 yard attempt.

    And while many here may not like the points and yards allowed, it bears remembering that this will be the first time, in a long time, that ND will go into the following weeks’ game after Navy with a healthy defense line.

    I myself would rather ND play a style of defense that gives up 39 points and 450 yards of offense to Navy, in a win, and allows us to remain relatively healthy for a much bigger show down on the road next week.

    1. There are plenty of other games that WILL be close. Navy is a game that should NEVER be close. You’re crazy in stating you wouldn’t want a blowout here.

      And how nice would it be by mid-way through the 3rd quarter if we had all of our 2nd teamers out there to keep our first teams healthy? I think 18 minutes less of a game is a good way to keep your team healthy.

      1. ChrisJ,

        Good points one and all.

        And of course I would like a blowout, if for no other reason, than to get some playing time for other players.

        I’m just saying I can find a bit of satisfaction in ND serving up a crushing, emotional defeat.

        But that’s just me.

      2. “Serving up a crushing emotional defeat” is indeed satisfying- (see Stanford at ND stadium their last two visits). That’s not just you, Shaz. Winning big is fun,too (Mich. 0-37); but I’ve given up on Navy likely being one of those blowout games.
        Or any games left this season. So with EG, I’ll take a last drive victory as the norm this month; and with EG, I won’t be surprised when it happens.

  24. I’ll take a win. Seriously though, we should have blown them out.

    Our defense comes up with some nice turnovers and we have great field position and we come up with nothing…several times.

    As stated above…no killer instinct.

    I do like that our kids never quit. They battled back and won. Thank you, IRISH!!!


  25. I thought this was BVG’s worst coaching effort so far. When you give up a bunch of points and yards, there’s usually poor tackling. I didn’t see a lot of that. When the players were there, they usually made the play. What I did see was players constantly out of position. That occurred both before and after Schmidt’s injury. I guessthat was his 1st exposure to a well run option attack in awhile.

    1. Give Navy and their best option QB ever kudos for their in-game adjustments. ND not scoring in the 4th quarter after back to back stops (on a TO and a 4th down stop) with two missed FGs and about 4 yards total in six plays resulted in this game being closer than it should have been.
      An honorable mention Shamrock sticker to Justin Utopo for the best game of his career.
      And where’s Ben Councell ? Without Kendrick, Jarrett and now Schmidt, wouldn’t his physicality and experience be a bonus this November?

      1. Who’s not giving Navy credit? They played gritty as always. What I’m saying is BVG got outcoached in a bad way Saturday night. Maybe it’s due to him not having had to prepare for a well run option offense during his career. I thought Utopo played well, too. I also thought Onwaulu played the best game of his career as well.

  26. Seriously. The defense is playing with freshmen and sophomores. Try to have some perspective. It would be better to play the game at the beginning of the season. Perhaps, this team is one year away. None of the so-called experts had ND 7-1 at this point in the season. Let’s see how they perform against ASU.

    1. Seriously, this is the fastest defense ND has ever had. Who cares that it is freshmen and sophomores! Wasn’t it these same freshmen and sophomores that completely shut out Michigan and didn’t allow them into the red-zone for the first time in ND history?

      There was a letdown man, just be honest.

      1. Completely different defensive scheme between Michigan and Navy. And yes, most people understand that you will see inconsistent play when you rely on Sophomores and Freshmen. I wish they would have shut down Navy but they didn’t. Gear up for ASU.

      2. Seriously CJ put down the Red Bull. Who cares. UM is terrible. They are a complete dumpster fire up there. They are 7-1, enjoy it. If they win out they are in, simple as that. MSU looked awful against Ark but it doesn’t matter, they won the game.

        Now please get back to something more constructive like calling the Navy players dirty, cheap and a bunch of pusses.

  27. Navy is DIRTY!!! Plain and simple!!! I used to have respect for these guys but after watching the game closely, they really do play dirty. It’s not just the chopping all around the field, but the way that they tackle, especially their DBs trying to take out our kids knees. I remember on one occasion, Koyack went over the middle, caught the pass with his back turned to the safety, and the safety diving shoulder first right at Koyack’s knee. Luckily, Koyack got his foot unplanted in just that split second otherwise his knee turns to jelly. Seriously, man up and hit someone in the mid-section, especially when they don’t even see you coming! What a p***y!

    I know that we have to keep them on the schedule because of the past history between Navy and ND but I think our team and coaches need to start taking this game a lot more seriously. Does anyone feel like we play this game each year like we are big brother and we just toy with little brother only to give them a little bit of hope that they might win? We need to start burying these losers that we play. Only being up 21 points and then run, run, pass is not cutting it. I’m sick of not covering the spread on inferior teams. Golson should have accounted for 8 TDs this game and maybe Zaire for another couple.

    My point is…what does a crap win like this going to do for us in the standings!? We sure as hell aren’t going to move up. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ole Miss ahead of us still who now has two losses. That was embarrassing. I LOVE Kelly but he really does need to develop some killer instinct. And where are Vangorder’s adjustments?? After starting the season very good on D, we are becoming a little suspect after UNC, 2nd half of FSU, and now Navy. Seriously embarrassed…

      1. The Navy game each year is our annual nothing-to-gain everything to lose (including key defenders) game. If we win big, the reaction is “so what!” If we win but it’s close, the national reaction is “ND barely beat Navy!” We all saw the reaction when we lost. The best outcome each year remains “at least we didn’t lose any D linemen.”
        But get used to it. This is a game ND committed to in the 40s and feel must continue. If ND got out of it, I’d be ecstatic, and from the sound of it, so would Coach Kelly. Grin and bear it- and watch your knees!

    1. Look, we have very young defense at the most criticle positions when facing a triple option.

      The corners, middle backer and safety’s are paramount in defending against it.

      Having Morgan playing was not the greatest opPurtunity for a guy to get playing time and learn on the fly.

      It’s just the facts man. I was as pissed off as anyone watching that game when the 3rd quarter began and finished. Bottom line. We won the game. Errrr….the offense won the game.

      A quick beat the dead horse comment about the running game. I so not understand why Kelly sees a team like navy who has established control offensively and decides that they should have possession of the ball for as long as posible. My point is, keep the navy triple option on the side line! Lol pound folston and company for 10-12 play drives.

      Take the momentum away from the Oposition. Folston gets better with every touch. I’m sure Greg Bryant could develope into being just as good as a back if he’s given the touches.

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