Notre Dame – Stanford ’15 Gameday FAQ

Notre Dame Gameday
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We have noticed an awful lot of people coming into UHND on a weekly basis from Google using terms like “what time is the Notre Dame game today?” and “what channel is the Notre Dame game on today” so we decided to do a weekly post on gameday with the answers to those common gameday questions.

Who does Notre Dame play today?

Notre Dame is playing long time rival Stanford this evening.  The Irish beat the Cardinal last year in thrilling fashion with a last second touchdown pass from Everett Golson to Ben Koyack on 4th and goal in a driving rain.  Notre Dame has played Stanford 29 times and owns a 19-10 record, but Stanford has won 4 of the last 6 meetings.

Where is the Notre Dame game being played today?

This year’s Notre Dame – Stanford game will be played in Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto, California.  The stadium holds a capacity of 50,424 people. Stanford reconstructed the stadium in 2006.

What time is the Notre  Dame game today?

Tonight’s game kicks off just after 7:30 ET/4:30 PT.

What channel is the Notre Dame game on today?

Tonight’s game will be broadcast nationally on FOX.

Is today’s Notre Dame game available for online streaming?

Yes, if your cable provider is a participating member of Fox Sports Go, you can stream the game online at –

What is the weather forecast for today’s game?

Tailgaters for today’s game will be treated with some nice November weather, but remember to bring some warm clothes for the game with temps dipping into the 30’s in Palo Alto tonight.


Who is favored in today’s Notre Dame game?

Notre Dame opened as a 2 point favorite, but the line quickly swung in Stanford’s favor.  Stanford is a 3.5-4 point favorite as of Saturday morning and the over/under is currently 57.  If I were a betting man, I would take the over and run.



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  1. Credit where credit is due, your devotion to Zaire is unwavering and unmatched. Unlike anything I’ve seen, except for daves devotion to Paul Johnson and the triple option.

  2. As for Zaire being the starter or not, many coaches have the policy that players don’t lose their jobs because of injuries. Not sure what Kelly’s policy is but I believe Zaire is a better QB than Kizer. I wondered through the season if ND’s red zone troubles were partially a result of being originally designed around Zaire’s and Folston abilities which are a little different than Procise and Kizer’s. If you watched the whole games this season you’d have noticed that Zaire was many times in the booth sitting close to Mike Sandford. He learned some things up there

  3. Under the category of “Not Too Far Fetched”…if UNC beats Clemson and Mich St downs Iowa, we could see the Committee picking two B1G-ies Mich St and Ohio State (along with Ala and Okla). For some unknown…they just love that Ohio State… go Iowa…go Clemson.
    I know a lot of ND fans would like to see us in a New Years 6 Bowl against an Ohio State for example. But seriously with our x-fense, could you see Urban not destroying our x-fensive backs? Another embarrassment.

  4. At the start of the game, the color commentator pointed out that Stanford’s two CB’s were absent from the game due to injuries. My thought was…Kelly’s gotta know that and take advantage of the weakness. Aside from the occasional sideline pass (which in every case was un-defended), did anyone see ND exploiting those CB’s? However, we did see Stanford exploiting Luke and Butler…over and over again.

  5. MikeT, Prosise will be a 5TH Yr senior next year. I dont see Zaire as the starter next year unless Kizer gets injured.

  6. Mike, you do raise an interesting point regarding the QB situ for next spring. I think, based on what Kizer has done, he should go in as the starting number 1 QB unless he either succumbs to an injury or if Zaire flat out ends up having a better command of the offense by demonstrating this during spring practice. I like ZAIRE and I think he did execute the read option running more fluidly than Kizer. Kizer has demonstrated some leadership skills not seen by Zaire because he couldn’t play. I think based on what DeShone has accomplished, he has to be considered your number 1 QB.
    So Kelly might be on some NFL radars. Well, if he believes he is destined for a try in the NFL, there is nothing that will stop him if he gets a right offer for himself. That would be a barrier to overcome should this happen but not impossible to attain.
    I hear Fiesta or Peach Bowls as possible places. I would love to see a game with Ohio St or Florida St, that would be awesome to see the Irish punch those jokers in the teeth while securing s victory.

  7. Pete
    Prosise is a senior. Does he even have eligibility left?
    While Kizer did a great job relieving Zaire, I’m still looking forward to seeing a healthy Malik run the offense. Kizer is a decent running QB but he’s neither as fast or as elusive as Zaire. The last few games Kizer seems to have developed some bad ball handling skills when he’s moving in the pocket, coaches better work on that before it becomes too natural for him to stop.
    Hopefully from this season the coaching staff has learned one thing. That freshmen good enough to play need to be developed much quicker. If Kelley continues to use the read option as many times as it’s called QBs are going to get dinged up. Hopefully Wimbush gets some game time experience in a bowl game, he was one play away from having to take over this season.
    One other item, the rumors are already beginning to swell that a few NFL teams might be interested in BK.
    He needs to make it clear he’s not going anywhere if that’s the case or it can seriously hurt recruiting.

  8. The game is over and it’s pointless to belabor the reasons Notre Dame lost. The damn Cardinal simply put more points on the scoreboard, there’s the reason. This coaching staff need to get this team primed & focused on the bowl game and don’t let this team be football hung over going into it. I hope to see a a high rated opponent and have an OPPORTUNITY to kick their butt.

  9. Looking ahead to 2016, what do you guys think about replacing Brown with Equnimious St. Brown. Kelly was gushing that this kid has all American written all over him but currently injured and stuck behind Fuller. Also, with Adams emerging and Folsten mostly likely coming back how about moving Prosise back to the slot. That would give us St. Brown, Prosise and Fuller as our receivers. Can you see a d coordinator trying to figure out how to slow that down.

  10. Tough loss to be sure. Agree with multiple post regarding weak Red Zone offense and porous D. Also need to mention that a pass rush was sorely missing! That is a personnel issue that will hopefully improve with recruiting. Also agree with comments related to an over-achieving team after all the injuries.
    Regarding talk of conference vs. non-conference, I would say this: Ask Clemson (currently undefeated) after they lose to a getting-tougher-by-the-week North Carolina if being in a conference helped them or hurt them. Bottom line: (IMHO) If ND had taken care of business against BC and stopped Stanford on that last drive they would be included in the “final four”.

  11. Mike T. I agree. I don’t like excuses, but I don’t know many teams that could suffer the number of injuries we had and succeed. I think in many ways this team overachieved in some areas. We were playing with what was the 3rd string QB from the Spring. We lost 3 RBs by the end of the year, how many players on defense. The injuries were just staggering. They still will likely get a big bowl game and the team needs to put this behind them. If I were the coaches, I’d definitely get them primed for the bowl game. They need a bowl win against a good team.

    And really, a CFB playoff was probably not going to happen. The B10 champion is almost definitely in and OK won huge against OK State. A win against Stanford would not have been enough. Not considering OK didn’t just beat OK State. They basically annihilated them. In a way, it probably would have been more frustrating if they had beat Stanford and then been blocked out of the CFB playoff. If nothing else, we know ND is not going and there won’t be any wailing or gnashing of teeth. We’ll still get a big bowl game–which will still have huge benefits not just in payout, but recruiting as well.

  12. Tough loss, but team 127 lost as a team. The Offense failed too many times in the Red Zone and the defense couldn’t stop Stanford when it absolutely had to. There is no team in CFB right now that could have gone this far with as many key injuries as the Irish dealt with this year.

    One must remember, these are basically big kids and very young men playing this game. They are still learning. For many, it’s not their career nor their whole life. In the scheme of life, it’s just a game, a form of entertainment for most.

    All talk aside about Independence, there is no proof had ND been in a conference they’d still have a chance as a playoff team. But the playoff system is evolving slowly and will always favor conference play because the vast number of teams belong to a conference. The NCAA isn’t going to make concessions for two to three schools over the rest of the collective.

    I think ND fans should look at team 127 as a great team that faced adversity and fought til the end in a valiant manner. Perhaps as the sting of disappointment eases, more fans will see this team for more than just their won/lost record.

    Go Irish

  13. Pete and Michael have it right. Many of us, myself included, ALL season long said play calling and in game management on both sides of the ball were NOT equal to the task of winning big games.

    The defense was atrocious, and red zone efficiency never substantially improved all season long-a direct reflection on coaching and preparation.

    I’ve said it often here, that despite clear improvements in recruiting, player development, better staff; BK is NOT ready for prime time playoff football. Lets hope that BK recognizes shortcomings, and improves or ND will be good, but rarely if ever, great again.

  14. Plays that changed the outcome of the game. Fumble at the 19 costing ND 3-7 points. Dropped pass at the 5 yd line that was a sure touch. Cost ND 4 points. A face mask penalty on Stanford’s final drive putting them in FG position with only 20 seconds left in the game. Sickening.

  15. Sadly, I pretty much agree with what everyone is saying on this board. I think what Kelly needs to do this off season is the same thing he did this past off season when he spent the off season studying how to stop the option. He now needs to spend this off season studying the red zone. Notre Dame needs to completely go in a different direction in the red zone- scheme, philosophy, play calling, personnel , etc in my opinion. Bottom line is even though there were other factors in the 2 losses this year if Notre Dame is proficient in the red zone they are undefeated.

  16. Offensive- and I do mean offensive – red zone failures recur so often with ND that we ought to be used to it and expect it. Five times ND got within 25 yards of a TD and scored one TD (16 points total) vs. five times Stanford got within 25 of their goal line and scored 35 points, a TD EVERY time!
    Still ND almost won!
    Bottom line- the most talented team in Palo Alto didn’t win Saturday night.
    Kudos to Hogan- he was outstanding- as was Kizer and Jaylon Smith and Sheldon Day and the Stanford receiver who- before tonight had caught TWO passes this year and way too many more last night, including the last most important one.
    Had it not been for Jaylon and their #4 LB, the score might have been closer to 72-70- that is, if ND could figure out how to score TDs inside the red zone.

    This one sure feels like the ’93 loss vs. BC, another ND comeback that resulted in a loss that never should have been. When a team as talented as 127 doesn’t seize the opportunity to finish among the elite, it’s savagely disappointing as a fan- it’s not like you get that chance every year – unless you’re Alabama- and without Jaylon Smith, Sheldon Day, it won’t get easier or more likely.

    I’ll add my rant about the ongoing miserable red zone outcomes we have all come to know and loathe- and – being a Bears fan, the quick to recognize predictable prevent-you-from winning D scheme of the last 30 seconds – that the Bears have perfected securing numerous last second losses since 1986.
    But that’s for another day!

  17. Another outstanding performance by the defense. Time to get rid of VanGorder. The D has been terrible under his watch and will be worse next year with the loss of Smith, Day, Russell, Schmidt, and a few others.

    Redzone offense once again was stellar. Stanford had no problem whatsoever once they got into the redzone.

    Once again Kelly goes for two way to early IMO.

  18. Disappointing way to end the regular season and continued issue of not winning at Palo Alto. Red zone issues (again) of getting TD’s scored. It would be nice to have a Jerome Bettis type back. 10-2 is better than what I imagined in August. Wouldn’t be amusing if we end up playing these guys again in a bowl game. Well, whatever bowl we wind up in, I think it’s important to WIN it. We will never know how this season would have been had ND not incurred all the season ending injuries that happened. I try to quit thinking about that what if. The defensive side of the ball has to get better however. To reach the CFP, the defense has to be better at stopping opponents. Offensive red zone efficiency also has to get better. So ends the 2015 regular season, on a fricking down note once again. Now, wait and see where ND ends up playing a bowl game that seems right now, to have a lot less luster.

  19. I said that earlier in the week it’s their only way. N.D. needs to stop losing these close games , they have to learn how to finish games especially on the road.

  20. Damn that sucks. It would have almost been better if that TD was called back. ND still had some time and downs to work with, they may have still gotten the TD in and burned more time.

    But that game is probably academic as far as bowl placement. If OK wins out ND would have been shut out of the playoff. I guess if nothing else, at least we all don’t have to be PO’d about the bowl placement.

    But the team needs to try to win that bowl game. They will get a NY Day bowl. A win there will set them up for next year. After winning that game, they should then remember things they could have done better this year and remember that next year. They were so close to a playoff berth. They need to remember how much they wanted it so next year they close games out and play dominantly.

    I will say, while disappointed, a NY Day 6 bowl is still a huge accomplishment considering practically half the team is injured. Most teams would not be able to overcome that obstacle. I would just love to see what an uninjured ND team can do. What will the team be like with all the pieces they need on the field. That does give reason to hope we have turned a corner.

  21. Once again Kelly goes for two with over five min. in the third qt to try and go up three, if we just kick the PAT. then on our last T D we go for two and if we make it were up three. At least we go to O.T.
    Shame too lose two games by two pts. I guess with all the injuries and young players 10 and 2 not bad.

  22. Sorry that should have said new years 6 or any other bowl that is not a college playoff game. Thanks for coming, see you next year.

  23. did they ever think of double teaming cajuste? not being able to score touchdowns in the red zone has been a problem with Kelly’s offense since he has been at notre dame. he has never recruited a power running back since he has been here.

  24. Notre Dame is playing good but everything that they didn’t want to happen happened. Michigan State and Iowa won, meaning the Big 10 Champion is guaranteed in the playoff. OK is pummeling OK State and if that holds, they are in. ND will be the odd man out. The mediocre performance against BC will come back to haunt them and will end up being costly.

    Basically win or lose against Stanford, ND will go to a NY Day 6 Bowl (esp. considering ND did hang tough with Stanford no matter the result). Still a big deal but the team will need to get over its disappointment. A win against a NY Day bowl will set them up nicely next year.

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