Sneak Peek of Notre Dame’s New Jumbotron

Notre Dame Tweeted out a sneak peak of the new Jumbotron that will be displaying instant replays inside Notre Dame Stadium for the first time starting in 2017 on Friday.

This is the first look anyone who hasn’t been inside Notre Dame Stadium has seen of the new Jumbotron that Notre Dame announced it would be installing last summer.  Previously we had only seen renderings of the new “video board” that will be gracing the House that Rockne Built starting next season.

The still in construction Jumbotron will not be functional for the 2016 as construction of the “Campus Crossroads Project” continues.  Construction on the stadium, including the Jumbotrons will be completed for the 2017.

Notre Dame’s first home opponent in 2017 is Temple with Georgia coming to town the following weekend.  Notre Dame will most likely not have a Shamrock Series game in 2017 in order to have another game inside Notre Dame Stadium to maximize exposure to all of the new construction.

At one of the slowest times of the year for sports news, Notre Dame threw us all a bone on a Friday.  They also started a few lively threads on Notre Dame message boards in the process.

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  1. OMG…I really do not like nor appreciate the new uniforms. They look like leftover WII threads. No gold helmets…how are the fans going to be able to discern a ND player ? Please bring back our beloved blue and gold.

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