Notre Dame v. Duke ’16 Weather, Tickets, & Odds

Get ready for this weekend’s contest with Duke with the game day weather forecast, odds and betting trends, and ticket price trends for what will hopefully be the game that gets Notre Dame back on track.

Game Day Weather Forecast

The forecast for Saturday in South Bend looks ideal for football.  The high is forecasted to be 78% with just a 10% chance of rain in the area.  Humidity will still be high though at 75%.  Very little wind is forecasted as well.

[wunderground location=”Notre Dame, IN” numdays=”3″]

With this kind of forecast, tailgating and playing conditions will be ideal.  Unlike last week when showers were forecasted all the way up to Saturday morning and never materialized, this week you can leave your rain gear at home.  Notre Dame should be able to air the ball out if they want to this weekend as well.

Notre Dame – Michigan State Game Day Gear

Here are some great Notre Dame gear options available from our partners at that.

If you are tailgating this weekend, Fanatics also has some killer tailgating items – some of which I personally own.

Notre Dame – Duke Ticket Trends

Going to the game?  Hope you didn’t get tickets yet because prices have plummeted thanks to Notre Dame’s 1-2 start.  Our ticket partner, TicketIQ, has a ton of tickets available well below face value.  In fact, if you’ve been wanting to get to a game and live within driving distance, this may be the game to go to.  Here are some trends and stats on tickets this week.
Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 5.10.18 PM

  • Current average ticket price is $105, which is the cheapest remaining game & 48% below the season average.
  • Prices have been trending downwards 49% in the past 7 days.
  • Get-in price for a Single Seat in Upper Level is $30, but for a pair it’s $55 each
  • Get-in price for a Single Seat in Lower Level is $40, but for a pair it’s $60 each
  • It’s actually now the cheapest home game of the past 5 seasons.
  • Two biggest price drops have occurred in Lower Level Sidelines (down by an average of 61% over the past 7 days) & Upper Level Enzdone (down by an average of 68% over past 7 days).

Going to the Notre Dame – Duke game and still need tickets? Our ticket partners at TicketIQ have great seats available at great prices with many available for less than face value!

Notre Dame – Michigan State Betting Line Trend

Notre Dame opened up as a 21.5 point favorite and the betting line has been dropping ever since.  As of Friday morning, the line was down to (-19) meaning a lot of money has been placed on Duke this week.  With Notre Dame struggling on defense, that honestly doesn’t sound like a bad bet either.  My official prediction has Notre Dame winning by 18 points right now (42-24).

The over/under for this game is anywhere between 58-61.  Given the state of the Irish defense, the over seems likely.

  • Notre Dame is just 2-5 against the spread in the last 7 games
  • Notre Dame is just 1-4 straight up in the last five games.
  • Duke isn’t much better, the Blue Devils are 3-6 against the spread and 3-6 straight up in their last 9 games.
  • The over has hit in 4 of the last 5 games for both teams.
  • Interestingly, Notre Dame has been 6-2 against the spread at home and Duke has been 8-3 against the spread on the road.

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  1. I called this game right after the Duke kickoff return for a TD. I told my buddies ND was in trouble. Sadly, I was right once again. At 14-14 I said as much on here. Look it up!

    Funny how all those bragging about how ND was going to wipe out Duke are as silent as a church mouse.

    Where’s Damian? Perhaps he was too busy listening to a lecture on quantum physics instead of watching the game. Come to think about, that’s probably more entertaining than watching ND football right now.

    So sad!

  2. Notre Dame was so bad against Michigan State as missed blocks in protecting the quarterback and they missed tackling the Michigan State offense as they scored so many times. The first half was so bad that I was ready to switch to another game. Notre Dame is better in playing an afternoon game. Their eyesight is no good at playing night games. Maybe they all need night vision glasses.

  3. Think I’ll got out and get some chocolate devil food v cake donuts as I celebrate the beginning of our long winning streak!

  4. Rich,

    You’re such a “Debbie Downer.” How dare you demand that ND beat Duke big?! Don’t you know that as a true ND fan you should rather be gloating over being 1-2?! And who are you, Rich, (or any of us here) to demand that a multi-millionaire coach earn his keep?! No, instead we should feel sorry for BK, who’s trying really, really hard to do a good job. Irish fans make this poor man’s life so difficult by expecting his teams to play sound, disciplined football. That’s just unrealistic, you “Debbie Downers”!

  5. If ND doesn’t blast this Duke team then pack it in boys the season is officially over. Thus far, the season has been a disaster!
    Really? What else is new? The defense has been non-existent while the offense has put up enough numbers to have won all three games. So why such a dismal start? Well both the offense and defense have lost lots of players through graduation, a few injuries and probably some poor recruiting, all this right now has contributed to the poor start. The when you look at the play calling you just have to shake your head and wonder which genius is calling these plays. The calling has been less than stellar at crucial times this season. Take for example the decision to punt the ball against State with 3:37 left on the clock. The punt got us about 20-25 yards if that……..dumb call! Wakeup Irish or unless the teams left on the schedule are patsys you could be looking at a 500 record!

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