The Irish Express: The New Gold Standard in Getting to Notre Dame from Chicago

Consider this a public service announcement.  If you need to get from Chicago to South Bend for gameday and want to tailgate without any of the stresses of packing a cooler, sitting in traffic, or drawing straws with your friends for who is the designated driver, take a look at the Irish Express bus from Chicago to Notre Dame.  You won’t be disappointed.
This past weekend for the Temple game, I took the Irish Express and will likely be taking it again in the future.
Here’s just a quick recap of everything that is included:
  • A breakfast buffet at Old Town Social including eggs, bacon, potatoes and mimosas and bloody marys from the bar.
  • Once on the bus, there is someone there to pass out beverages the entire drive to campus
  • At campus there are caterers waiting with food ready a few minutes upon arrival along with a full bar
  • One hour after the game, the bus leaves campus and all riders are treated to a bagged lunch style snack and additional beverages for the ride home.
Oh yeah, and the food spread is pretty good.  I personally had a burger, a brat, a lot of potato salad, and coleslaw.  I may have had a few Goose Island 312’s throughout the day.
Oh yeah, and remember the Post Game 6 Pack article I posted Saturday evening?  I wrote that aboard the bus because there was wifi.
In only its second year of existence, its owner Dillon has things running pretty smoothly and even has some nice little details included like playing the Fight Song and Here Come the Irish right after you exit the highway and drive up to campus.
This bus is really ideal for anyone with kids who can’t spend a whole weekend on campus reliving their glory days anymore or anyone who maybe happens to get offered tickets at the last minute but doesn’t have a way there.  It would also work out really well for smaller groups who don’t wanna shell out $600 a night for a minimum of three nights or whatever the South Bend hotels charge these days too.
Speaking of last minute plans, if you are still in need of a way to campus this weekend, they still have room available on a bus exclusively for Notre Dame fans.  (This could come in handy depending on the outcome).

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  1. On our pilgrimage In 1977 My brother and I took the Red South Shore Line from Chicago. Those cars are now diners across America. Greatest rail trip we ever took. After the Irish wallopped Air Force We hopped back on.

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