2018 Notre Dame Early Enrollees Starting to Get Numbers

Some of the 2018 Notre Dame early enrollees having been posting the numbers they will be wearing – at least for their freshman seasons – on Twitter the last few days.  Some have some lofty history to live up to.  Some will be looking to place their own stamp on jersey numbers that don’t have a lot of history at their positions.

UPDATE: Jack Lamb, George Takacs, and Jahmir Smith all have jersey numbers now as well.

Jack Lamb #31

The 4-star linebacker from California will be wearing the same number as former great linebacker Demetrius Dubose and one of my personal favorite Notre Dame running backs from my formative years of Notre Dame football – Robert Farmer.  In the case of Lamb, apparently he picked the number because he grew up a big fan of Paul Posluszny.

George Takacs #85

There isn’t a ton of history with #85 at the tight end position surprisingly for Takacs, but two all-time greats did done the number for the Irish. Wide receiver Jack Snow and defensive end and former #1 overall NFL Draft pick Walt Patulski both wore #85 in their Notre Dame careers.

Jahmir Smith #34

Tony Jones Jr is apparently getting a new number because Jahmir Smith will reportedly be wearing #34 next fall.


Ray Zellars, the creator of one of the all-time greatest runs in Notre Dame history, wore #34 in the early 90’s for the Irish.  1988 National Champion linebacker Wes Prichett and Ronnie Nicks – owner of one of the best names for a linebacker in Notre Dame history – also wore #34 for the Irish.

Houston Griffith #3

One of the most famous numbers in Notre Dame lore has lost its luster a bit in recent years.  Eddie Vanderdoes was supposed to wear #3 as a defensive tackle, but never enrolled at Notre Dame.  CJ Sanders and Amir Carlisle wore #3 most recently as slot wide receivers but neither ended up living up to their hype.  Sanders decided in the off-season that he would use a graduate transfer and play his final season elsewhere in 2018.

Hopefully for the sake of Houston Griffith he reverses the recent luck with the number.  Notre Dame is counting on big things from Griffith who could still end up playing either safety or corner in the Irish defense.

Bo Bauer #52

There isn’t a whole lot of history with the #52 at linebacker.  Joe Brockington wore the number at the end of the Charlie Weis era.  A pai of offensive line come to mind actually for #52 with centers Jeff Faine and Braxston Cave both wearing it during their Irish careers.  Faine went on to have a pretty good NFL career while Cave was unable to catch on in the NFL.

Micah Jones #80

There are some who think Micah Jones could grow into a tight end. If he does, he has the number for it. Oscar McBride, Tyler Eifert, and most recently Durhamm Smythe wore #80 for the Irish from the tight end position. Skip Holtz wore #80 as split end for the Irish. So too did Omar Jenkins – a wide receiver in the early 2000’s who fit a completely different mold than the massive frosh from Illinois.

Ovie Oghoufo #29


While Ovie Oguofo searches for a long term position, he will start his career wearing a number worn by a pair of safeties on Lou Holtz’s 1988 and 1993 teams – Stan Smagala and John Covington. The currently undersized Ogouofo will likely start his career at ROVER but many expect him to finish it at BUCK. Kevin Stepherson wore #29 for the Irish the past two seasons before getting dismissed following a string of arrests since December.

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  1. Good history, but, Smalgala was a cornerback. He didn’t play safety until he got to the pros.

    It’s a shame he blew out his knee. He had all of the tools to survive in the NFL.

  2. Bidnez is bidnez.

    ND is an excellent choice for a “placeholder” early commitment for any kid who gets offered.

    It provides an instant increase in attention among all recruiters, spurring some second looks at him. Top programs are certainly not intimidated or scared off by ANY announced commitment, and certainly not by this ND program.

    And if Kelly lays another egg this season, the kid has an alibi laid out on a platter for him to flip anyway.

    Bidnez is bidnez.

    1. if KELLY lays another egg this season! Keep on trying DOPEY every kid flips when a team has a horrible season! You r so stupid DOPEY, u need to go to a site where everyone is as stupid as you ( try Clemson )! if KELLY loses! if they lose 4 games! if LEA leaves! IF U HAD A BRAIN IN YOUR HEAD, INSTEAD OF YOUR ASS YOU COULD GO SOMEWHERE IN LIFE “DOPEY DAVEY!! Stick with your dollhouse!!!!!!!!!

    1. Still waiting for your very first, original comment on ND Football….and/or a post of more than 8 words.

      But you’re now carrying your drive-bys over to new threads, and that’s just a little desperate.
      You’re a leader…..act like you’ve been there before, and take pride in your work.

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