How to Watch Today’s Notre Dame Game – Since Most People Don’t Get ACC Network

If you do not know by now, today’s Notre Dame game is NOT on a standard TV channel.  Tonight’s Notre Dame – Duke matchup is siring on the ACC Network – a new network that very few people currently have as part of their standard cable package.  The good news is, you still have time to make sure you have access to ACC Network in time for tonight’s kickoff.

First things first, if you are unsure of whether or not you currently get ACC Network, check their website.  You can enter your zip code and see if you already have this channel.  It’s only a few months old, so there is a chance that you have and don’t even know about it.  For instance, I currently get ACC Network with DirectTV Now (aka AT&T TV Now).

What if You Don’t Have It?

So the first thing you might be able to do, depending on your cable provider, is just add on whatever sports package they offer – assuming ACC Network is included.  A lot of TV providers have a Sports Package that comes with more of the niche sports channels that not everyone wants to pay for as part of their standard cable package.  Call them ASAP, though, because if you live in an area with a lot of Notre Dame fans, they might be busy closer to kick-0ff as people realize they don’t have this channel.

Watch for FREE with YouTube TV

If your cable provider doesn’t offer ACC Network at all or you don’t want to add on a package just for the game, you can watch for free tonight with one of several free trials to a streaming service.   If you are unfamiliar with streaming services, many new cloud TV providers have sprung up as people have cut the cord.  Here are three that all offer free trials whose websites state that they have ACC Network

Note: none of these are affiliate links, so we aren’t making a dime off of getting anyone to sign up for these.  We’re only providing them as a public service announcement for our readers to be able to see the game tonight. 

I cut the cord from TV almost three years ago with Direct TV Now (now called AT&T TV Now) and haven’t looked back.  I haven’t’ missed a Notre Dame game since then and won’t miss tonight’s either because of it.  In fact, most of these providers even offer a cloud DVR, which allowed me to go to a wedding last year during the Florida State game and then run up to my hotel room and watch the game on the DVR without missing a beat.  Another perk I personally like is I can stream all 200+ channels I get to my phone without it counting as any data usage since I use AT&T for my cell.

Again, this isn’t a pitch, and we make no money if you sign up for either.  

With all of these services, you can stream them to your TV if you either have a Smart TV or have an Apple TV, Roku, or Fire Stick.  If you’re worried about connection speed, as long as you have a half-decent internet provider, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Return of Shaun Crawford is Huge for Notre Dame Secondary in 2020

If you are considering cutting the cord, b

Now, if you sign up for one of these free trials, set yourself a reminder today to cancel the subscription, so you don’t end up getting charged for it.  While

Why is This Game Even on This Weird Channel?

Why? Money.  The ACC and ESPN have launched this channel similarly to the Big Ten and SEC Network.  How successful these networks are and how long they will be around remains to be seen since most people don’t want to pay for them by default – that’s why many people will be looking for ways to add this channel today.  ESPN and the ACC know this, and that’s why this game is on the ACC Network.  Having a Notre Dame game on a network no one really wants to pay for is a great way to increase their subscribers artificially.  A lot of people will add this channel today and forget about it for months, if not longer.

Like Joe Pesci said at the end of Casino, “always the dollars.”

We hope this post helps some of you out, and you’re able to see the game today.  We can’t promise that you’ll like what you see based on what we’ve all seen the last couple of weeks, but hopefully it helps you actually see it.


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  1. Casey 3 months ago

    According to Comcast/Xfinity the ACC is asking way too much money for this channel and it would require them to raise everyone’s bill to carry it. I’m glad they’ve said no. If every other provider would say no this channel would die off and never be a problem again. I pay for enough tv.

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  2. Damian 3 months ago

    Ugh. I have cable but my cable system does not have it as of yet. Soooo, I thought I’d just pull it up on my computer and watch it there (similar to how you can watch some of the BB games they have on the ACC Network Extra for a few years now for games not broadcast on regular TV).

    But alas, that is not an option. I can’t get it on the computer since my cable operator does not carry it, which makes no freakin sense. If I had it on my cable I WOULDN’T NEED TO WATCH IT ON MY COMPUTER. Duh. If I didn’t have cable then I’d understand it.

    And it’s not worth me going to the trouble of signing up for a temp streaming service and going through the hassle of having to cancel it. If my cable operator doesn’t carry the ACC network then I’ll just go without. I live in NEPA which has a lot of ND fans (and Pitt and Syracuse BB fans as well). Eventually enough people will call and they’ll add it in at some point. We already get the SEC channel and I only know of one SEC team fan in my area so if that gets carried, I’m sure ACC will eventually be added, and probably soon once people start realizing they can’t watch their favorite FB or BB games.

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  3. Tom Catty 3 months ago

    Except if you are in Canada, you are SOL

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  4. a68domer 3 months ago

    You can also jailbreak your firestick and download one of the live sports streams like VIPBOX.MOBI.

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  5. R. Jacoby 3 months ago

    Why did you let this happen,quickest way to lose your following?????

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  6. Fire Kelly 3 months ago

    This game isn’t worth any of the hassle. ND is garbage, until they get a real coach. Not a coach that murders students and then gets millions of dollars in an extension from petiphiles.

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  7. Ron Burgundy 3 months ago

    This can make any potential boycotts of the game much easier.
    Get your Plan B in order.

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  8. Mike 3 months ago

    YouTube tv carries the ACC network and is offering a free 14 trial period. I
    signed up to watch the b-ball game vs
    UNC and tonite’s football game. If you
    have internet ready tv (ie Fire tv) you
    can download it, sign up watch tonites game and then cancel. Of course you can also watch the noon b-ball game today
    against Robert Morris.

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