Rich Eisen: Could Notre Dame Actually Win the College Football Playoff This Season?

Noted Notre Dame hater and Michigan alum Rich Eisen suggests the Irish would be a dangerous team if they got into the playoffs.

Rich Eisen, an admitted Notre Dame hater, pondered out loud on his show Friday whether or not the Irish could win the national championship this season. Eisen makes the valid point that if Notre Dame does sneak into the playoffs – and we know they need some help today – they will be a very dangerous team. He noted that Notre Dame in the playoffs would be playing with a “significant emotional piece of capital.”

Eisen also notes that he feels Brian Kelly left solely for the money which we all do, but it’s nice hearing more and more national media call him out for pretending like he left Notre Dame for some other reasons.

What a world we live in. Had Brian Kelly not left Notre Dame for that mountain of money, the national media would be talking non-stop about how Notre Dame doesn’t deserve to be in the playoffs. Instead, there’s a growing sympathy growing for the program for the way Brian Kelly abandoned his players with a shot at a title the way he did.

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