Notre Dame Releases Great Behind the Scenes Video of the Hiring of Marcus Freeman

Notre Dame's media & communications departments continue the impressive work they've been doing the last few weeks with excellent video.

The Notre Dame media team has been on fire lately and they did it again on Friday with this eight-minute video detailing the process of hiring Marcus Freeman as the head coach of the Fighting Irish. We got some additional views of Freeman’s introduction to the team, some clips of Freeman’s interview with Father Jenkins over zoom while Jenkins was in Rome, and even a look at Freeman visiting Tommy Rees at his home at 11:00 PM after Rees announced he was staying. This video is really well done and a great look at the series of events that led to Freeman’s promotion.

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  1. I’ve noticed the past few days there’s been a concerted effort into spreading the message that Freeman’s hire was the culmination of a “very thorough” search, that included multiple candidates.

    Sorry, but the number of hours (not days) the seach took…from a completely flat-footed start….completely debunks that.

    With all the high-profile HC jobs changing hands this year, and every one of them being filled by another high-profile, experienced name, seems pretty clear that ND is declaring that its job every bit as attractive to candidates as an SEC job….without any basic evidence for it, or having to come up with the kind of money it would take to prove it.

    Good luck to coach Freeman, but this is a real experiment.
    Don’t run the TV ads for the pills before the clinical trials have even started.

    1. Rumor is Oregon just found their guy….Georgia’s DC.
      An outside hire, requiring almost a week to conclude.
      So regarding “process”, Oregon needn’t claim having one. It’s plainly obvious.

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