Notre Dame Fiesta Bowl Depth Chart

There weren’t a whole lot of changes to the Notre Dame football depth chart throughout the 2021 season. Heading into the Fiesta Bowl though injuries and some movement from younger players has resulted in a few changes as the Irish prepare for Oklahoma State on Saturday.

Notre Dame’s Offensive Depth Chart

  • The big news here is the reinsertion of Blake Fisher into the starting lineup with Josh Lugg lost to an injury.
  • Michael Carmody, who started a game in place of FIsher when he was hurt, isn’t on the two deep at all.
  • For the first time this year, the backup quarterback spot is listed with an “OR” designation between Drew Pyne and Tyler Buchner.
  • With Kyren Williams opting out of the Fiesta Bowl, Chris Tyree and Logan Diggs are listed as co-starters. Audric Estime, the third back isn’t listed.
WR4Kevin Austin6-2215SR
16Deion Colzie6-4 3/4195FR
WR21 Lorenzo Styles6-1 1/8195FR
29Matt Salerno6-0 5/.8199SR
LT76Joe Alt6-7 5/8305 FR
79 Tosh Baker6-8307SO
LG73 Andrew Kristofic6-4 1/4295JR
52Zeke Correll6-3295JR
C55Jarrett Patterson6-4 1/2307SR
78Pat Coogan6-5 1/8305FR
RG62Cain Madden6-2 1/23105th
56Jon Dirksen6-5 1.8306SR
RT54Blake Fisher6-6335FR
77Quinn Carroll6-6 5/8313JR
TE87Michael Mayer6-4 1/2251SO
85 George Takacs6-6247SR
88Mitchell Evans6-7 1/8250FR
QB17Jack Coan6-3 1/42235th
10Drew Pyne5-11 1/2200SO
or12Tyler Buchner6-1215FR
RB25Chris Tyree5-9 1/2190SO
or22Logan Diggs6-0206FR
WR 0Braden Lenzy5-11 3/8182SR
83Jayden Thomas6-1 1/2215FR

Notre Dame’s Defensive Depth Chart

  • Sophomore Jordan Botelho is listed as a backup ROVER instead of a VYPER as he was all season. Freeman said this is being done for the Fiesta Bowl only and then they’ll see where his best fit is. He credited the play of Isaiah Foskey and Justin Ademilola of limiting the opportunities for Botelho at DE.
  • Freshman Ryan Barnes makes his first appearance on the two deep at CB backing up Cam Hart. Ramon Henderson, was previously listed as Hart’s backup.
  • Henderson is no longer Hart’s backup because he is now the starting free safety where he is backed up by Xavier Watts.
  • Freshman Will Schweitzer makes his first appearance on the depth chart as a reserve VYPER behind Foskey and Ademilola. Its doubtful we see much of him but significant that the staff included him.
  • Houston Griffith remains listed as the starter at strong safety.
VYPER7Isaiah Foskey6-5260JR
9 Justin Ademilola6-1 3/4255SR
48Will Schweitzer6-4225FR
DT57Jayson Ademilola6-3280SR
99Rylie Mills6-5 1/8283SO
or56 Howard Cross III6-0 7/8275JR
NT41Kurt Hinish6-1 3/43005th
56Howard Cross III6-0 7/8275JR
or54Jacob Lacey6-1 5/8275JR
SDE95Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa6-2 1/22685th
31Nana Osafo-Mensah6-3 1/8250JR
or90Alexander Ehrensberger6-6 1/2255SO
WILL27JD Bertrand6-1230JR
32Prince Kollie6-2 1/2222FR
MIKE40Drew White6-0 1/42285th
52Bo Bauer6-2 3/42335th
ROVER24Jack Kiser6-1 5/8222JR
10Isaiah Pryor6-1 1/22175th
12Jordan Botelho6-2 1/2245SO
CB5Cam Hart6-2 1/22-5JR
15Ryan Barnes 6-1 7/8187FR
FS11Ramon Henderson6-2 1/2207SO
26Xavier Watts5-11 1/2195SO
SS3Houston Griffith6-0 1/42025th
2DJ Brown6-0 3/8200SR
CB6Clarence Lewis5-11 1/2193SO
28Tariq Bracy5-10 1/8177SR

Notre Dame’s Special Teams Depth Chart

  • With Kyren Williams out, Matt Salerno takes over punt return duties. With an interim special teams coordinator I’d imagine we just see a lot of fair catching on punts.
KO39Jonathan Doerer6-31975th
91Josh Bryan5-11 5/8183FR
PK39Jonathan Doerer6-31975th
91Josh Bryan5-11 5/8183FR
P19Jay Bramblett6-1 1/2197JR
39Jonathan Doerer6-31975th
LS65Michael Vinson6-2230SR
44Alex Peitsch6-1 1./8210SO
HLD19Jay Bramblett6-1 1/2197JR
30Jake Rittman6-2 1/2210SR
PR29Matt Salerno6-0 5/8199SR
KR25Chris Tyree5-9 1/2190SO
29Matt Salerno6-0 5/8199SR

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  1. “With Kyren Williams out, Matt Salerno takes over punt return duties. With an interim special teams coordinator I’d imagine we just see a lot of fair catching on punts.”

    Hahahaha, because ND NEVER calls FC on punts (except for 99% of the time lol)

  2. UCLA pulls a scumbag move and leaves NC State high-and-dry before their bowl game.
    Something about head coaches named Kelly. Is there a douchebag gene?

  3. Well,the Hokies just out-Shamrocked ND !
    Helmets for the Pinstripe Bowl will have NY Yankees logo on them instead of the school’s VT.

    But who cares? Pro team, college team…same business, just different tax rates.
    “This Space for Rent”

    1. The Hokies and Yankees have a special relationship.
      The Hokies’ descent upon Yankee Stadium for its first appearance in the Pinstripe Bowl has invoked memories of the bond they built with the Bronx Bombers following the tragic shooting on the Blacksburg campus in April 2007. New York would make a sizable donation to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund. During the ensuing spring training season in 2008, the Yankees visited Blacksburg for a seven-inning exhibition game at the Hokies’ baseball stadium of English Field.

      1. There is notihng and no one you whore out your team for. Nothing.
        Yuoo wouldn’t know that…because you’re a girl,. And probably a whore .

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