Podcast: Notre Dame Football’s Offense in 2022 – Better or Worse?

On this week’s pod, we go position by position on the offensive side of the ball and debate which positions will be better or worse in 2022.  

  • How do coaching changes impact which positions will be better or worse?
  • Is Notre Dame’s ceiling at QB a lot higher but its floor a lot lower?
  • Can depth overcome the loss of a high-end talent like Kyren Williams at RB?
  • Numbers aren’t great at receiver, but with injuries to returning players will WR be better or worse?
  • Q&A
    • Favorite sports movies of all-time 
    • Ideal RB & WRs for this year’s class
    • More q’s on Dante Moore
    • One play, outcome, or event that if there was a different outcome would have led to a championship

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  1. To the ND fans giddily disparaging the tiff between Saban and Fisher:
    Sober up and give your heads a shake…..
    The SEC already owns college football. To the point where they can now completely ignore everyone else and just fight among themselves.
    ND is one of the places where kids wanting an education will end up playing football. And that’s great.
    But I want great, entertaining football. So I’ll be watching the SEC.

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