Marcus Freeman Reads Mean Tweets to Announce Notre Dame Green Jersey Game

This year when Notre Dame attempts an #IrishWearGreen weekend, the football team will actually be wearing green.

Notre Dame will wear green jerseys for the Cal game this September as part of the “Irish Wear Green” movement that Notre Dame attempted the last few years without actually wearing green for the games. Notre Dame fans have rightfully pointed out the futility of Notre Dame’s efforts when the team doesn’t wear green jerseys as part of it. Marcus Freeman and Notre Dame decided it was time to fix the glitch. Not only did they fix the glitch, but they did so in a hilarious fashion with a “Mean Tweets” video of Freeman reading comments from fans over the years who complained about the blue jerseys for #IrishWearGreen weekends.

Notre Dame put together some outstanding quality videos during the month of December when Freeman was announced as the head coach at Notre Dame, but this was equally as well done albeit far less dramatic.

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  1. The green jerseys were a complete surpise psychological motivator in a huge game against an elite rival.
    This is just a tired, old, much copied gimmick….vs. USC’s irrelevant 4th cousin.

    Please stop demeaning the memory of that 1977 moment.
    Try coming up with new, different stuff…ND pays people to do that, right?

    1. Dan Devine’s pregame talk in ’77 included much needed didactic information on brutal (to the point of attempted genocide and cultural annihilation) actions in the UK and America against the Irish people. Although we are rarely afflicted today, around 1 million Irish died. It’s a story worth telling to the team again though maybe not as a pregame talk…call it “green woke” if you must, but we are successful progeny of survivors, not victims.

      BGC ’77 ’82

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