#4 Clemson vs. Notre Dame: 2022 Football Game Preview

The No. 5 Clemson Tigers travel to South Bend, Indiana to take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in a heavyweight battle this Saturday. The Irish have won five of their last six, while the Tigers are riding a 14-game win streak dating back to last season. This matchup has given fans thrilling games in the past, including a 2 OT barn-burner in South Bend in 2020.  Hear from Dabo Swinney and Marcus Freeman as well as some key players as we get you ready for this  matchup with a preview from the ACC Digital Network.

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  1. Clemson has a much better and bigger Defensive line than Syracuse. Should be much more difficult for ND to have the same success running the football against Clemson. I see Pynes limited skill set getting exposed Saturday Evening.

    1. If there’s one thing that can be more misleading than helpful, it’s the “common opponent” predictor.
      The ND team that lost to Marshall somehow beat Syracuse.
      The Syracuse team that played Clemson so tough was soundly beaten by ND.

      But late in the season, with a claim for a playoff spot on the line, big time coaches make sure their teams are 100% ready to go. Clemson wins.

  2. Hey Rhonda
    Why can’t you just admit that your long term boyfriend, to whom you were so loyal, devoted, to whom you gave your flower, dumped you for the first tramp he saw with a nicer car?

    A few people who saw it coming years ago. And warned you so, only for it to fall on deaf ears.
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    But lashing out at those who tried to warn you? AND still defending that jerk?
    That’s just beyond sad.

  3. Seems pretty clear Clemson wins and covers. ND played well enough last week to disappoint this week. Let’s get a QB first before we get our hopes up in any meaningful way. Only way they pull off upset is with 3+ turnover margin.

    1. Pedro [for president], disagree they’ll beat them no doubt. QB Pyne will be out of the pocket. RPO. the Irish D will get another blocked punt. We do have the number 4 punter in the NCAA. PIN them deep. As ND DID with the Cuse. Run, Run. Open Receiver’s, 4 to 5 sacks… ND is getting 3 sacks per game. ND WINS BY THE +3. GOSH< NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.

  4. One area where ND MAY very well have improved — and possibly a lot ! —- is head coach.

    Becasue Brian Kelly is a complete fraud. A smug, conniving little prick.
    He took the ND job for its unique, advantageous path towards a championship.
    But winning it all was HIS job….and he failed. Utterly, pathetically, miserably. Twice.
    Kelly became Groundhog Day. Without the happy ending.

    Coach Freeman is still just months into work-in-progress status.
    As Jim Carrey might put it: So there’s a chance !?!

      1. No one is interested in your your little doll, Rhonda.
        Though it might be capable of a more interesting discussion of college football than you.

    1. Kelly would have never ever lost to marshall & stanford !! DOPEY DAVES LIST OF COACHES he wanted to replace bk over the years ; willie simplistic velocity taggart (now coaching middle school) herman who went to texas & was fired year 3, frosty who set back nebraska for 10 years! BK 6-2 at lsu wen last year they were 6-7!! go back to ure crossward puzzles STUPID

  5. In 2020 going into the Clemson home game, ND was 7-0 (including 3 or 4 impressive trouncings), had an experienced, serviceable QB in Ian Book, no trouble scoring points (averaging 36 pts. a game), and was playing well at home.
    ……and Clemson was playing without the QB that their entire 2020 offense was designed around.

    On every count, this ND team is a VERY different team.

    Clemson has not been as dominant a team as they were in 2020.
    But they are a helluva lot closer to their 2020 version than ND is to its.

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