Week 1 Picks of Destiny

A new weekly feature, the Picks of Destiny will break down a few games each week including a prediction for Notre Dame’s upcoming match up. Consider it a bit of a tip sheet for the Pick ’em Challenge. Weekly results will be tallied and readers can post comments throughout the weekend with regards to what an idiot the author is. Fair enough. And so it goes:Miami, Fl (-18) v. MarshallTypically this would be a simple “Powerhouse v. Cupcake” matchup, but it is not the case after the ‘Canes performance last year. However, despite the Category 5 performances given by the offense, the defense was stellar throughout. Don’t expect that to change this year with Randy Shannon taking over as head coach. I don’t expect Marshall to score more than a couple times, leaving the Kirby Freeman-led Miami offense to take care of the game (and point spread). Different era, different results. Prediction: ‘Canes 35 Marshall 10 UConn @ Duke UNDER 52Splitting the Over/Under in half (and thus predicting a tie), both teams would score 26 points. In order for an over in this case, one of the two offensive offenses would  have to score at least 27 points.  Last year both UConn and Duke scored 27 or more in just two games each (one of UConn’s was against a D1-AA team). Both teams return a solid amount of starters from last year on offense, but is that really a good thing judging by their previous performances? I think not. Prediction: UConn 24 Duke 13 Georgia Tech @ Notre Dame UNDER 45 1/2Point One: Last year just 24 points were scored in total. The offenses were much better on both sides, with the Irish losing all of their starting skill players (Quinn, Walker, McKnight, and Samardzija) and Georgia Tech losing one of the only two that mattered (Calvin Johnson). Point Two: The defenses should be better; much better in the case of the Irish with new DC Corwin Brown. While I still feel that we’ll see more points than last year, how many more can you truly expect?Prediction: Coming later in the post. Cal (-6) v. TennesseeLast year the Vols had their way with Cal. This year things should be different. The game is not in Rocky Top, a much bigger advantage than it actually being in Berkeley. Nate Longshore has a year of experience under his belt and DeShawn Jackson to throw the ball to… not a bad target. Tennessee’s offense, should struggle without Robert Meachem, Jayson Swain, and suspended tailback LaMarcus Coker. This could turn out to be a big win in the other direction this year. Cal is a much better team than most are expecting headed into the year. Prediction: Cal 35 Tennessee 21 Arizona St. (-15) v. San Jose St. Arizona St. struggled last year with Rudy Carpenter injured and Dirk Koetter struggling through the season. This year, with a previous Pac-10 winner at coach in Dennis Erickson (remember the Fiasco Bowl), the Sun Devils should be much improved. San Jose St. is… well, still San Jose St. There’s no reason to believe they will keep this game remotely close. The only challenge Arizona St. will face is from themselves. Prediction: Arizona St. 38 San Jose St. 17  Obligatory Notre Dame Prediction: Georgia Tech (+3) @ Notre DameI really don’t like this match up in the season opener.  The Irish will face a very good back in Tashard Choice without much of a counter in size or experience. The point of concern on this year’s defense is the front 7, but more specifically the size of the front 7; it is much smaller than you would like in the 3-4 formation. I think Tyler Bennett will be an improvement over Reggie Ball, and though the loss of Johnson will hurt, the running game will help take pressure off of the passing game for the Yellow Jackets. On the other side of the ball, Tech DC Jon Tenuta loves to bring pressure and has a great corp of linebackers to blitz. Not exactly a great formula for a very green Irish QB. It kills me to do it, but… Prediction:  Georgia Tech 24 Notre Dame 14

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  1. Hey GT Jacket, here’s a quarter. Now go to the store and buy yourself a cup of humility. Better yet, check out “The Hive” and see how many Yellowjacket fans praised ND as having the classiest fans and best gameday atmosphere they ever experienced.

    The guy picked your team to win and said Tenuta’s experienced defense would be too much for ND’s young guys. What exactly are you rubbing in his face?


  2. First: let me apologize for the format of the post. It will (hopefully) be fixed for next weekend.

    Second: 5-1 this week. Hoorah for a good start (although I wish the Irish had gone the other way.)

  3. Is Choice still running? Last time I cj=hecked he had
    1-9-2 f’ing yards. More than the entire ND team (smile)!
    Go Jackets!!!

  4. Irish are the favorite in this game…3.5 points to be exact. ND needs the RB committee to produce, if not, rack up a loss. Whoever starts at QB will not throw more than 25 passes today. Look for the Irish to pound the ball over 30 times and hope that they don’t have to play catch up because that’ll lead to passing…it’s just a aspect of the O that everyone is skeptical about. Irish 17 GTech 14

  5. Robert,

    WTF. I have been a fan of your website for over 5 years, and not once have choosen a team over ND (as far as I can remember). Irish 42 Georgia Tech -9 (Weis will find a way).


  6. robert,
    1.with all those self delared experts out there bashing notre dame, we already have the underdog advantage.
    2. i suppose that seeing your prediction at a notre dame site might make the gtech team overconfident.
    3. i will predict notre dame 42 gtech 14.
    enjoy the game,
    bob gilleran

  7. This is a very winable game for ND. I feel that your relying on Choice to run for 200+ yards. I dont see this happening and I think it will be a defensive struggle but I think the Irish special teams are a lot better than Tech’s. The game is here in South Bend and that us in the crowd is going to be going nutz. Prediction Armando Allen is the difference maker. He returns a kick off for a td. The D holds Choice to around a 100 yds on the ground (victory there) scores 1td. Bennett throws 2int’s to his 1 td. DJ rushes for 90 yds and a score and throws another to John Carlson. The rb committee accumulates 170 yrds on the ground. Nd 24 Tech 17
    Go IRish

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