Episode 4 – Duke Preview

This week’s show was just Jeff and Frank mixing it up. We started off the show an hour early this week so in case you missed the live show get the MP3 below. Please feel free to leave your comments to this post as well so that we can work to improve this show. Some of the topics included:

  • Comments on Bob Keuchenberg’s rant on WFAN this week
  • Our Air Force trip recap
  • Where’s Golden Tate – we talked about getting Tate more involved in the offense (we’re sure Charlie was listening)
  • The development of Jimmy Clausen – we discussed how he took a step forward last week
  • Duke Preview – Frank’s official prediction: Notre Dame 41, Duke 24; Jeff’s Official Prediction: Notre Dame 34, Duke 17
  • Weekly Picks – Frank sucked it up big time last week going an impressive 0-6.

NOTE: We are aware of the problems using the “play” feature for this week’s show.  For now, please just use the download MP3 button as that is working fine.  We used a new audio recording program this week and the encoding is causing compatibility issues with the flash player we usually use.  We will keep working on fixing the problem.

Podcast: Notre Dame 2021 Season Props, Predictions, and a Whole Lot More with Special Guest Ashton Pollard

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