Duke Post Game Show

Jeff and Frank talk about Notre Dame’s 28-7 win over Duke on Senior Day.  We also tried out the call-in feature this week and had some UHND posters call into the show and share their thoughts.  This was probably our best show to date outside of the Randy Kinder interview.  We had a lot of fun with it and thanks to all of our callers – Clements2, AtlantaIrish, and Pipeline.

Topics discussed included:

  • Jimmy Clausen’s second straight impressive start
  • Robert Hughes’s breakout performance
  • All the dropped passes
  • A little recruiting discussion – who could come in and play right away?
  • Much more.
Podcast: Notre Dame Football Now or Never Players for 2021

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  1. Walter,

    Thanks for listening. The bar nights were mentioned because historically, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest bar night of the year so it is something we need to consider when planning this week’s show.

    As for the comments on Schwapp, the comment you are referring to was from a caller so we don’t have a whole lot of control over what the callers say. As for Thomas, I personally have defended him and even mentioned on the show that I felt bad for him having his last carry in ND Stadium result in a fumble.

    After the Navy game I also made mention that he played well and actually he had 3 touchdowns on 3 carries in that game – again something we had brought up on the show previously.

  2. I was quite interested in your program and enjoyed most of it. I had a couple of negative reactions which might cause me not to follow it anymore. It seemed drinking and bar nights were constantly and uneccessarily mentioned. I agreed about with comments regarding players except that some of them were just plain cruel. Schwapp and Thomas are amatuer athletes trying their best. I don’t see why comments like Schwapp should turn in his uniform and trade it in for a cheerleaders outfit were seen as acceptable.Thomas sacrificed himself last year for the good of the team and played linebacker which certainly wasn’t his best position.He made two rushing touchdowns against Navy despite no place to run.Don’t ytrsy yhrdr guys like dirt.

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